My boyfriend doesn't like to kiss me after I give him a blowjob?

i thought he did the last couple of times I gave him a blowjob, and we always made out after but today after I had 'finished him off', and swallowed, he was like 'i find it kinda gross to kiss after that, you understand why right?'

no I don't! I would have no problem kissing him after he ate me out,

what's with guys and not liking that?

would he find it not gross if I didn't swallow :S

why do you guys find it gross to kiss after a blow job? it's your own penis after all!

PS: Any girls have boyfriends like this too? What do you do?


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  • I think its stupid for him to deny you a kiss after making him cum. I mean you just had his d*** in your mouth to pleasure him, so he should feel sorry for you to have it in your mouth too. Any girl who has to wash out her mouth or wait a while to kiss should not give their men bjs. you swallowed right, so its not like your spitting his come back in his mouth. Why would anyone get grossed out by themselves. When my girlfriend blows me, I thank her by kissing her not acting like her mouth is infected.

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      Wow I wish my boyfriend thought like how you did! exactly, like its your own so why would it matter?

      it makes me not even want to give him a bj because I think 'hm well we have to stop kissing after I give him a blowjob, and kissing beats sucking his d*** lol so next time that's what ill do haha