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My boyfriend doesn't like to kiss me after I give him a blowjob?

i thought he did the last couple of times I gave him a blowjob, and we always made out after but today after I had 'finished him off', and swallowed,... Show More

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  • I think its stupid for him to deny you a kiss after making him cum. I mean you just had his d*** in your mouth to pleasure him, so he should feel sorry for you to have it in your mouth too. Any girl who has to wash out her mouth or wait a while to kiss should not give their men bjs. you swallowed right, so its not like your spitting his come back in his mouth. Why would anyone get grossed out by themselves. When my girlfriend blows me, I thank her by kissing her not acting like her mouth is infected.

    • Wow I wish my boyfriend thought like how you did! exactly, like its your own so why would it matter? it makes me not even want to give him a bj because I think 'hm well we have to stop kissing after I give him a blowjob, and kissing beats sucking his d*** lol so next time that's what ill do haha

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  • Masculinity issue.The VAST MAJORITY of men are extremely insecure about their manhood and sperm, whether it be their own or someone elses, they want to be as far away from it as possible.There are a number of men who it doesn't bother, I'm not bothered by it but don't expect to find too many other men who aren't.

  • I've kissed girls after they gave me head, just not after I orgasm ...I don't want to taste cum

    • But its ok for her to taste it?

    • Yeah, I gave her permission ;)

  • Depends upon level of people comfortable with hygieneI won't mind kissing a girl if she gives me a blowjobppl do stuff like spitting,licking assholes,sh*tting,etc,so it really depends

  • You've just had our come in your mouth, give it a while. Maybe go get a glass of water.

  • I don't see why some girls have such a hard time understanding this. I don't want semen in my mouth ever. Just because it's my own doesn't make it ok. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with my sexuality so don't pull that card. I mean we're talking about sexual acts with a girl, so that kind of rules out being gay from the start. I don't even like the smell of semen, I certainly don't want to taste it. If I was with a girl and she also felt that way I would not make her taste it either. However most girls like it or at least don't mind. That's how it's supposed to be. Guys like the sexual things about girls and girls like the sexual things about guys. The fact that most guys are turned off by the thought of kissing after a blow job should be no suprise.

  • Don't you know the saying that when a man tastes his own jizz he will go blind and his balls will fal off, that's why he doesn't like it!

  • I love kissing a girl after that! That is kind of odd. You are right, girls always kiss after a guy goes down on them.Sounds kind of unfair; after all, the come goes away after you swallow a couple of times.D.

  • I have kissed many girls after bj...I find it so hot that I can get hard again..dont know why, but its sexy as hell! they're missin out!

    • I think its hot too! like I get so turned on when he kisses me after giving me oral, ugh he's so dumb.

    • Ughhh I know! I love it when my guy kisses me after oral, it doesn't bother me at all, I find it so hot!

  • after my girl did that I kissed her... I mean come on... its your own stuff

  • Most men don't eat their own SPERM, penis or not, just like females who are grossed out after receiving cunnilingus don't normally eat their own fluids. I don't have this problem, but it's understandable that some people have such aversions.

What Girls Said 3

  • Yea my guy is the same. Been with him 3 years and still, I get no kisses afterwards

  • i was afraid my guy was going to be like that, but in the middle of giving him a BJ sometimes he'll pull me up to kiss him while my hands are still going to town down there and than I'll go back and keep going ... maybe while you are giving him a BJ you could slowly kiss your way up his stomach to his lips and see how he reacts. He might be being so pleasured that he doesn't even realize it and will start kissing you while not even registering it in his head. Good luck though :)

  • My boyfriend doesn't like it. I just have a tiny dixi cup beside the bed with some mouth wash in it. My boyfriends happy and I feel fresher, win win situation.

    • You are a terrific lady.

    • Thanks for the tip, ill try that next time =)

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