How do I convince my girlfriend to wear thong panties?

I want my girlfriend to wear thong panties once in awhile. So two questions. A)why do you wear thongs? (no panty line, too feel sexy, or for your guy etc..,) b) how do I convince her to wear them for me?


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  • I wear them mainly so there's no visible panty lines. Some are more comfortable then others though. If she doesn't want to wear them then she's probably made up her mind lol maybe if you leave it alone she'll suprise you one day


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  • A) We wear them because we just want to

    B) It's really up to your girlfriend to decide whether or not she wants to wear a thong, after all it is her body not yours.

  • i wear them to feel sexy and because it turns my guy on more. ;) mention it briefly and causully but don't pressure her into maybe she'll wear one, one day for you. lol

  • why do you want her to wear them? not all girls feel comfortable in them just like you may not be so comfortable in a male thong or a mankini! you could discuss it with her and see if there's a reason she don't wear em?

    • Women look sexy in a thong, and a guy in a thong lets face it that's pretty damn disgusting and not something any man should ever attempt.

    • I understand what your saying but for thongs to exsist for men lets face it there must be men who buy and wear them and feel sexy in them!! obviously your not oneof them but maybe this guys girlfriend is one of the women who doesn't like wearing a thong or feel sexy in it etc!

    • I am one of those men who loves wearing thongs! Get them from ergowear. Awsome!

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  • Why don't you just ask her to wear thongs, and if she says why, then say because you know she will look really sexy in a thong, I am sure she owns at least one and, if you want her to get more, go shopping.

    If you tell a chick she looks really sexy in a certain outfit, and and make her feel really comfortable around you, as long as you don't mention her weight and if she says does she look fat say hell no she looks sexy and you really like it, chances are she will get over that shyness factor.

  • Convincing her to wear them FOR you is easy. Just buy her the attire and after your pre-sex shower have her wear them, but convincing outside the home probably shouldn't even be done; it's her body and it's no different than her telling you to wear spandex shorts if you were uncomfortable with your bulge or something. She doesn't like it.

    Sure, at home in private it might be easier.