How does it feel to become 'deflowered'? Does it hurt?

painful, bleeding,screaming


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  • i didn't bleed at all, and it was slightly uncomfortable at first, but doesn't necessarily hurt, I would recommend ALOT of foreplay, firstly its fun :D and it helps you get ready, I think that may have been the reason it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, we were building up to it for a couple of hours. the only time sex has hurt for me is after about 5 times and for some reason my guy just could not penetrate me without me experiencing agonising pain, but before that and after it has been fine, still do not know why this was, but he was very understanding and tried to please me other ways. I was more annoyed than he was lol.

    so it didn't hurt for me, uncomfy but not painful, but then it is the first time anything that size goes into ur vagina, its bound to be a little uncomfortable at first til you adjust, some women say it does hurt alot, but we can only go by our own experiences and nobody will ever know, as what I class as uncomfy, you may class as agony


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  • It can range from not feeling it at all to being unbearable, you bleed a LITTLE, and "screaming" is rather rare.


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  • it does hurt...not a lot of blood...just remember that its only once and everyother time you have sex...youll be crying tears of joy

  • i don't believe it matters ones you are really ready.

    i didn't care about it at all, the emotions and the way felt about it were much more impotent.

    and it was actually kind of nice... watching him enjoying it. =]