I think penises are disgusting.

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and I can't stand to look at them. They're ugly and gross. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal. Is anyone else like this too? Also, I have a boyfriend. We have been dating for a while now. I'm sure that well have sex soon. However, I'm not sure what to think about this because I literally am repulsed by penises. HELP!

They're just gross. I like the idea, haha. But I've seen them in pics, and in real-life situations. (people streaking at parties, etc). There isn't one distinct thing that I hate about them, but basically everything. The skin is gross, pubic hair, and
Especially when they're erect. Eew! I'm not sure how to get over this, but I do know that it's not the idea of them that disgusts me. Just the appearance.


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  • Wait till you're drunk, you'll forget soon enough.

    Seriously I'm a guy and think d***'s are pretty gross too. Vagina's a re kinda gross but when I'm horny I forget.


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  • Well here's a few facts that will hopefully help:

    1) Skin- believe it or not, in our mother's wombs, we are all the same sex for a while until a hormone determines whether we will be male or female. What this means is that we are constructed of exactly the same material. The skin on the penis is actually no different from what makes up many parts of your own vulva including the clitoris. The male scrotum is the same tissue of the female labia majora.

    2) Pubic hair- like with females, guys are capable of trimming/ shaving if it floats your boat.

    3) Erection- Just like a female's nipples or clitoris, erectile tissue is pretty amazing stuff. Imagine a substance that can go from completely soft to hard as a rock with only the addition of blood. Plus once you accept the feelings it can generate within your own body, you just might change your reasoning.

  • Well, it's one of those things you are going to have to work through. It's something that stats aren't readily available on, but it's a safe bet you are in the minority here based on the history of humanity and the fact that procreation continues on.

    Considering the penis' external nature (let's face it, it's basically no different than say a finger), it's odd that they repulse you so. Especially when you hear women complain about the increased hygiene requirements of the vagina or the messiness of the period and so on.

    Perhaps we can be of better assistance by having you explain exactly what about it bothers you. Is it just his or do they all? Have you ever looked photos/ porn online? Does the same thing bother you about all of them?

    • I updated the question. Thoughts?

  • Dont worry, I don't like penises either. That's why I date women, you should try it.

  • Someone once said womens' bodies are beautiful and mens' bodies are utilitarian. Women tend more to be attracted to a man's character, personality, ability to provide & protect, etc. over what his equipment looks like. I assume you get used to it and can overcome the unusualness when you are with someone who cares about you and you want to please each other.


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  • I love penises lol I guess I don't understand I think at one point I thought all men were super nasty naked. Ithink that changes once you figure out what some dik can do for you...

  • I think it depends as you get older, me I used hate those things, now I don't know sometimes they turn me on and im 17. As I get older well that may change, I may like them maybe same to you.

  • um well...i used to hate d*** too but then...that all changed when...i found my love it all seemed to change now its sexi and it brings pleasure so I'm good :p

  • once you realise what it can do to you, I don't think you will feel that way

    there not that ugly, cmon.. I think there sexy.. just picture it as something that can give yu pleasure.