Punishment from girlfriend..

My girlfriend is a little freaky which is fine. She however bought a riding crop whip. Well, when she gets p*ssed off at me she'll wait for an opportunity to use it (usually after I get home from being out when I'm buzzed) Anyways last night I got home and she whipped the hell out of my rear. I... Show More

I had a girlfriend that loved that type of thing...I would let her do whatever because she was soo hot until I could'nt take it anymore. She's doing it because she's a freak and she has found someone that she can act out her desires on. Just deal with it

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  • "She even threatens me" shy women won't even say a word aside from craving more attention. Some average->Attractive women won't even say a word either, they have better things to do than beating you with a whip.

    Haha I'm sorry, I can just picture you jumping and blocking your body parts as she is in a leather cop outfit like "bitch! take it! You've been a bad boy"... *Eyeroll*

    Regardless, I would NEVER let a woman hit me in the d*** or balls, even the face would be an insult alone.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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