Punishment from girlfriend..

My girlfriend is a little freaky which is fine. She however bought a riding crop whip. Well, when she gets p*ssed off at me she'll wait for an opportunity to use it (usually after I get home from being out when I'm buzzed) Anyways last night I got home and she whipped the hell out of my rear. I have to stay still because if I don't she'll hit my d***, my balls, my face wherever it lands. Is this normal and do girls like that type of thing or just mine? I don't mind doing different things but she seems to think she's onto something and does'nt hesitate to break that whip out now. She even threatens me with it when were out..Like she'll say if you don't shut up your going to get it when we get home.

I had a girlfriend that loved that type of thing...I would let her do whatever because she was soo hot until I could'nt take it anymore. She's doing it because she's a freak and she has found someone that she can act out her desires on. Just deal with it


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  • "She even threatens me" shy women won't even say a word aside from craving more attention. Some average->Attractive women won't even say a word either, they have better things to do than beating you with a whip.

    Haha I'm sorry, I can just picture you jumping and blocking your body parts as she is in a leather cop outfit like "bitch! take it! You've been a bad boy"... *Eyeroll*

    Regardless, I would NEVER let a woman hit me in the d*** or balls, even the face would be an insult alone.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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  • Some girls can like the feeling of being in control and dominant in the bedroom. Usually this kind of play stays in the bedroom. The purpose of such practices is to heighten enjoyment and the senses in play. It's supposed to be erotic and role play, not actual punishment. Talking about it in public can be sexy and fun as foreplay and anticipation, but that's only when the act is enjoyable. It doesn't sound like you are enjoying it. Especially since being hit in the face isn't sensual in any way. It seems like she is more sadistic than anything else.

    If you do enjoy it, then go for it and have fun. While many girls like to play with dominance in the bedroom, because of seemingly sadistic tendancies, I have to say I don't think there are many girls quite like yours.

  • ok.. that's just messed up

    shes using this on you to make sure you don't do bad by her.. which is a messed up way to do it.

    if it hurts, and you don't like it.. get out now while you still can, who knows what else she is capable of!

    • Thank you..its cool for a minute or two and then she gets a little crazy..if I knew it was important to her like it seems to be and she talked to me maybe it would be diff

    • Ur obviously a good guy for letting her do that to you without doing it back, cause I know I would.. but maybe you should talk to her, tell her that its starting to freak you out and that it isn't necessary... she may think you like it.. and if you don't you definitely need to tell her that and if she doesn't stop.. I advise you get out.

  • I love to feel power over my boyfriend? When he comes home I usually making him stand on his knees and tell him if he loves me I would have to kick him in the nuts. His reaction is so funny.


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  • Dude. THAT IS F***ING SCARY.

  • It sounds a bit controlling and scary. I've never had a girl do that to me. If it bothers you, flat out tell her you don't think it's hot. If she keeps it up, then start thinking about alternative plans.

  • Well you have fallen victim and your girlfriend is a very sick person to actually want to hurt you.

    I would leave her straight away.

    You don't deserve this sh*t and no woman is that dumb to think that whipping your face and balls would feel good. So she is sadistic.