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Pressing his crotch against you whilst making out?

When a guy is making out with you, does he ever turn you around and kinda press his crotch against your butt? I don't get why that's a turnon?! He'll... Show More

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  • If you want something truly amazing, get on top of him. OR if he wants to be a real man let him between those legs. Also to add, this DOES NOT mean you gotta be naked. Hell you can make out with him between between your thighs. (once again dressed) ;) It truly is a wonderful experience for both partners, I did it today with my girlfriend. Try it some time really fun, a great turn on.

    • The less clothes the better though. haha

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  • If you don't know why that would turn a guy on, you must be the most naiive virgin on the planet lol. You have a lot of growing up to do and a lot to learn about guys...sheesh you couldn't even guess why that would turn him on?A guy could get an erection just by rubbing up against a piece of cloth by accident...get real

  • He is dry humping you. It turns a male on even more as part of the foreplay. Don't find it ofensive. Later you will begin to enjoy knowing what you are doing to your lover and it will excite you too.

  • I like having my crotch against a girls butt, but not in those circumstances. Its probably just a weird quirk

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  • I don't understand how you two can make out very easily while he is beind you. If you want it to feel amazing for both of you, sit on top of him with one leg on each side of his torso and while your making out rub your crotch against his junk. This is with clothes on (prefferably both you wear lighter pants such as sweatpants for him and leggings or yoga pants for you) It just sort of stimulates "down there" for both of you and your not having sex. It makes your makeout session so much hotter :D

  • My boyfriend likes that...i think its just kinda like the same reason why they like grinding or somthing... I kinda like it tho...

  • i LOVEEEE that

  • well he doesn't do exactly that but he usually rubs his crotch against me when he's on top of me or vice versa when making out. I wouldn't worry about it too much, If it makes you really uncomfortable just gently turn the other way or tell him.

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