How much do dildos cost?

i just want to know how much dildos cost..i want to get one but I have no idea of there price.


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  • Spencer Gifts used to sell a couple of small ones, which is what you want. They could be had for under $10. I have no idea if they still carry these. Actually I don't know if Spencer still exists, but they used to be in every mall.

    • Yeah, they're still there, but I think they only have them in the back room.

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  • I googled and: link

  • Take a look at -- the silicone ones are really nice...


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  • anywhere from 15$-100$... I say you are good with the cheap one though. The expensive ones do TOO much! haha

  • You can get them from spencer's (in the mall) and they are around $10 to $20 dollars for a more-than-basic one. There are ones that cost more but you really know need a $50 dildo unless you're gonna be showing it off.

    You can also google online sex stores and they will usually send them in unmarked, unrecognizable boxes. The prices there vary from $10 to $50+