Do girls like to get their "you know what" licked?

I've been wondering, I mean I understand when a girl gives a guy oral and stuff, but does a girl like getting oral from a guy? I know it depends on the person receiving it and the person giving it, I guess my question would be for you girls, generally speaking, do you like getting your pussy licked and stuff? and if yes how so? like what/ how do you like it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • What? I love it! it really turns me on!. I do agree with stranger about the teasing part. I love it when my guy teases me down there. He starts kissing every inch of my body from head to toe and leaves the best for last. It drives me crazy! my whole body trembles, aching for his moist tongue. I love it when he softly licks my clitoris all the way to my anus and then back to my clitoris, and gently sucks on my vaginal lips and plays around it with his tongue and blows on it.

    one of the sweetest things he sometimes does down there is talk to it. He looks at my vagina and says "hey there , I missed you" then he gently kisses it. That is such a loving gesture!

    every men and women should treat their loved ones private parts with respect and mostly with tender, loving & care.