Do girls like to get their "you know what" licked?

I've been wondering, I mean I understand when a girl gives a guy oral and stuff, but does a girl like getting oral from a guy? I know it depends on the person receiving it and the person giving it, I guess my question would be for you girls, generally speaking, do you like getting your pussy licked and stuff? and if yes how so? like what/ how do you like it?


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  • What? I love it! it really turns me on!. I do agree with stranger about the teasing part. I love it when my guy teases me down there. He starts kissing every inch of my body from head to toe and leaves the best for last. It drives me crazy! my whole body trembles, aching for his moist tongue. I love it when he softly licks my clitoris all the way to my anus and then back to my clitoris, and gently sucks on my vaginal lips and plays around it with his tongue and blows on it.

    one of the sweetest things he sometimes does down there is talk to it. He looks at my vagina and says "hey there , I missed you" then he gently kisses it. That is such a loving gesture!

    every men and women should treat their loved ones private parts with respect and mostly with tender, loving & care.


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  • It's amazinggggggggg

    haha. Most girls love it. I would tell you to watch porn to see how but they usually seem to suck at it lol. Experiment and see what your girl likes I guess.

  • I love being licked.

    • i would love to lick you

    • I'd love it if you would LOL

    • I will, I'm pretty damn good at it too if I do say so myself. ;) I have a long and well trained tongue. So, when can I make you cum?

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  • My girl sure loves getting it and I give the first girl that I tried that on the credit for insisting that I learn to do it right. It was either I learn to do it to her satisfaction or I was out of the picture. I chose to stay in the picture and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. lol!

  • Absolutely. It is really unusual to meet a woman who doesn't enjoy cunilingus. In fact, I have only met one in the last ten years. If your partner understands how to do it well makes a big difference. Most stimulation will focus on the clit itself rather than the vaginal opening (some people are unaware of this) and usually involved contact with the lips and tongue (unlike pornos that seem to think you only need the tip of your tongue).

  • I member when I 1st got with my ex she said it didn't do nothing for her or she wasn't into then I managed to talk her into it, and after I started doing it to her, I would ask her every time what she wanted and she would tell me to go down town every time.

  • my girlfriend loves it so much she has even given me a deal about it. She will give me a bj/deepthroat anytime I want as long as I go down on her after college everynight. That means my college bathrooms, my dorm and everything. Deepthroat is the best feeling ever and she enjoys it to.

  • I dont mean to brag but have mastered the art of cunnilinigus. I start by caressing my womans breasts kissing her from neck running through her stomach down her thighs. I leave my rough shave so it tickles her.

    i then breath onto her vag closely and tickle the top of her clit with my tongue. she goes crazy when i do this. i lick the top lips gently to her anus then suck both lips. i repeat this until i stick my tongue in there and flick it really fast deep inside. then i spell the alphabet with my tongue. i then use fingers to bring her to an orgasm.

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