Girls, how many fingers do you use when you masturbate?

also I'm curious how many fingers can you fit inside there and how does it feel with that many.

also I have heard some girls can go as far as a fist but have you tried this and does this feel good or hurt


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  • If she takes her time and is aroused enough, any woman (with the exception of those with certain medical conditions) can fit as many fingers inside as she likes--and yes, even a whole fist, if that's what she's into.

    I don't personally use penetration of any kind when I masturbate. I just use two fingers to stimulate my clitoris.

  • a fist would definately hurt..even 2 fingers hurt 4 me..1 will do..

    • Thats cute :), do you prefer it gentle or rough then

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    • Haha you 2 :)

    • how do you get scars on your back from fingering a girl?

  • usually when I masterbate I just ay with my clitoris but when I put my fingers in me it's usually between 2 and 3 but I have tiny fingers soo yeah. When I was with my ex he used 2 on me.

  • Jus one for now

  • I usually only stay at my clitoris when masterbating but when a guy fingers me I usually only like him to use one. Two kind of hurts and it just feels better with one.

  • 2 is most comfortable...however I can do 3 on occasion and I sometime I like it...but like someone else said..guys have bigger fingers so 2 is best :)

    • Cool :)

    • Lol I guess so...if I do have 3 done...its never by guy does it

  • Usually, I just use my whole hand to rub.. but when I do finger myself, I only use one finger.. for some reason two kinda hurts!

  • a fist ugh dnt knw about tht but 2

    • Yea a fist is maybe a bit too far but is 2 your max or how many you usually use?

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    • Any guy that gets a chance to be inside you is a hell of a lucky guy lol.

    • Lol yeah I like to think so

  • once my ex used 4, I wish I just broke his goddamn fingers off, 2 is good, guys have big fingers


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