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How do I make my boyfriend go crazy over me when we're texting?

so I like to tease my boyfriend a lot when I'm texting him and I LOVE making him hard. I've only done it once or twice because I'm a really shy girl... Show More

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  • i do this to my boyfriend. because we are in a long distance relationship at the moment, so unforunatelly we can't be together as much as we like. I tease him and he says come get me...so I feel your pain lol so I made my text more detailed. I usually start by asking him if he's alone in his room, then I point out all the things id do to him if I were there. he usually gets hard from it. eventually he starts participating with the texts to turn me on and we're both set. lol confidence is key. don't hold back on anything with it and ur man will be happy. I promise you =)

    • Thanks I'll try to be more confident

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  • tell him he makes you wet...and that you want him. That classic is the best, I want you right now.

    • I've tried that but he's just like ok well come and get me ( the whole I want you right now )

  • thats a good question...id like to know the answer too.

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