How do I make love to a virgin so that it doesn't hurt?

How do I make love to a virgin so that it doesn't hurt?


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  • Definitely lube and go slow - she's probably heard horror stories, so she's going to be nervous. Lots of foreplay. And then, if it's excruciatingly painful for her, stop. There may be a medical reason for the pain (I've never had sex that wasn't excruciatingly painful - it's AWFUL), so don't pressure her. My guess would be that even if it did hurt and you had to stop, she'll be more willing to try again later to see if it'll be better the next time. Just don't make her feel like she owes you sex - that would end badly.

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  • lubrication, go slow, and don't do anything that she doesn't feel comfrontable doing.

    Just go slow and easy until she says it doesn't hurt. then he can go at it.:-)

  • Honestly. dogystyle. Not the most romantic, but don't hurt as much. And go down on her before so she's all ready down there.

  • It will most likely hurt either way- but go slow, and make talk her through it.

    If she's comfortable,t hat's the most important.

    Make sure she's wet before it happens :)

    Good luck!

  • be gentle.

  • use some lube; or even ur spit and finger her first start with one finger work ur way up then use two;

    next insert Ur penis but gently don't thrust it . its going to hurt her either way but do it slow and talk to her let her know its gonna be okay and that you love her; only say that if you really do though of course but talk to her; the first time may not be the most existing for her because its gonna hurt but after that she will love it!

    and make the surroundings nice like candles that would be great!

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  • Definitely use lubrication, and don't go so fast the first time. And, she might not feel like it for a few minutes after you first go in, so, be prepared for that.

  • Fingers