Ladies: do you let your close guy friends fondle you?

girls can get real comfortable and some girls even let their guy friends squeeze their breast. Do ladies really allow this?


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  • Yeah, I don't mind if it is in a anonymous sort of situation, & not a REALLY good guy friend, but a very familiar very friendly acquaintance, like my next door neighbor who goes to my school & is very good friends with my best friend... I was sat a party & I was kind of bummed out about my guy friend not showing up, & I had my head down & my other friend sort of patted my back & then he just very gently fondled my breast... I was really surprised, & I wondered why I did not mind it, but just sat there with my head on my hand looking like I was partied out & he just kept going for awhile & it was just relaxing & I knew e were not going to SAY anything, & it felt really natural... I do not get why that was so comfortable but I can't imagine the guy I LIKE doing that without being really self conscious... Must have been his energy to the fact that he was so comfortable.

    But I did not realize it was something woman DO... lol

    HOw did you find that out, or what makes you ask?

    • Girls tell me all the time that they allow this to happen. I'm just owndering why they can tolerate it, but then again I think you are right that if it is a guy you liked you wouldn't allow it because your feelings get in the way. And you don't want him to think you are a tramp and allow anyone to touch you.

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    • Oh. Wel THAT is different.... Lol, that is not LETTING that is ASKING or INITIATING.. LOL

      If it was a guy would you say, guys do you LET girls fondle your penis? You probably thin of it as do you ASK .. Maybe not tho... So they ask, or just put everything in place... I would not do that - too self conscious.

    • I wish the lades would EXPLAIN a bit ... I am curious. lol

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  • Not to that degree. A guy I'm friends with can get away with more than a complete stranger, but not straight up fondling me. I seem to be in the minority though.

  • Hell no. If I wanted them to do that then we wouldn't be just friends.

  • only may gay guy friends

    • Why would you let them?

    • I'm just comfortable with them, it's not like they're gonna get turned on or anything. That and it's mostly done as a joke, it's not like every time they come over I get groped

  • Lol only if we've seen each other naked before.

    • Just curious how do you get that to happen? I'm thinking that if he has seen me naked he already has had his hands on these boobies and other areas

  • yes I do... :)

    • Really? why is it that you allow them? what reasons?

    • Because it's fun and we are enjoying it. it's not like we're having sex.

    • We should be friends =)

  • only if they're gay. we just play around like that

    if it is just a regular heterosexual guy friend then no, I wouldn't want him thinking we're on "that" level. fondling in that case is reserved for my man only.

  • No, I would not let a guy friend do that but then again I don't believe that girls and guys can really be friends. I think guys that are your friends are actually sexually attracted to you or they wouldn't bother hanging with you in the first place. So, no, only my boyfriend gets to fondle my breasts.

    • Yep! I mean why would a guy hang out with a girl he doesn't find attractive when there are loads out there who are.

    • Never really thought of it like that, but you have a point. What women tend to think is that a man can think we are attractive in the abstract but not have any impulses or sexual feelings whatsoever attached to that. Women's sex drive comes from such a different place than the testosterone-driven sex drive of a guy, so we just don't realize what it's like if you are a guy and are playing with our breasts.

  • yea I might. but it depends on the situation

    • For what reasons? or do you just do it for a tease?

    • The situation would be if I really liked the guy or friends with benefits I guess lol

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  • I like grabbing their ass better they pretend to get mad but I know deep down they like it.

    • I've seen this happen before... but what if that backfired on you..

  • Seem to. :)