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Innie vs. Outie?

So I am just curious.. for survey purposes.. Ladies, your vagina is it- "innie" where the inner lips stay hidden by the outer lips... Show More

my preference is innie, but I'd never turn away an outie.

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  • If I am standing with my legs just slightly parted so you can see through you will see my inner lips hang out through my outer lips which themselves are pretty fatty

    • I guess you got it too. :( Someone disapproves of outies apparently.

    • Guess he doesn't know what he is missing! LOL

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  • Innie :o)

  • Innie

  • outie. I hate to say it but I'm super self concious about it because my lips are pretty fatty for some reason plus the inner lips stick out...i don't shave only because it makes me feel bad to see it...because guys say stuff like oh if your p**** looks like that you must be a slut and be so loose from everyone playing with it so much...

    • All guys are different. Some may think that but they are just young and dumb. Personally, I love larger lips and large clits, they are a total turn on for me.

    • Thats great =) we love to hear that because there's nothing short of surgery that you can do about the way that you're made

    • Outies are my favorite! Very sexy..

  • Outie, my inner lips stick out almost all the time, but if I'm standing with my legs together or even slightly apart you can't see them or it's very hard to

  • Innie

    Looks better to me anywhoo

  • Outie. Not ashamed at all..i think they look better

  • outie

  • Outie, but not extremely.

    • Um... why do I have a -1? I said what I am, which is what we were asked to do. What is there to disagree with exactly?

  • innie

  • in

  • outie, its SO embarrassing, and I think its disgusting. Hundreds of girls get theirs reduced if they're big, so I feel like I can only be attractive if I'm an innie... it sucks. And like BeccaAloysia said "guys say stuff likr oh if your p*ssy looks like that you must be a slut and be so loose from everyone plating with it so much..." and I'm a virgin (in everything) so what they are saying isn't true, therefore offensive...

  • innie! I am surprised how many girls have outies because I had no idea there was such thing! which do you prefer?

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