Do girls care about a guys testicles?

Just curious to know if girls care what their guys balls look like. Do they like them to hang low, shaved, big, small? Just want to know since all that gets talked about is the penis, just want see what girls think about the boys downstairs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like big, low hanging balls - there, I said it.

    A good-sized dick is the most important, of course, but a nice set of testicles make it even more fun. They're purely ornamental, so not having huge nuts isn't a dealbreaker. My current bf's balls don't hang too low, but are obscenely big - so much so that I thought he had some medical disorder. If they did hang low, he would prob have even more trouble walking than he currently does, lol!

    So I don't *care* about big testicles like I do about having a big dick to play with, but they're def nice!