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Do girls care about a guys testicles?

Just curious to know if girls care what their guys balls look like. Do they like them to hang low, shaved, big, small? Just want to know since all... Show More

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  • I like big, low hanging balls - there, I said it.

    A good-sized dick is the most important, of course, but a nice set of testicles make it even more fun. They're purely ornamental, so not having huge nuts isn't a dealbreaker. My current bf's balls don't hang too low, but are obscenely big - so much so that I thought he had some medical disorder. If they did hang low, he would prob have even more trouble walking than he currently does, lol!

    So I don't *care* about big testicles like I do about having a big dick to play with, but they're def nice!

What Girls Said 11

  • Not really, trimmed or shaved I do like

  • I don't really care at all.

  • I think balls are fun to play with. I think they are easier to play with if the hair isn't three inches long but that is only me. but really most girls don't care what they look like.

  • i didn't. until my current bf. he's got big beautiful balls. I never thought I'd use 'beautiful' to describe testicles. but I've become a size queen w/him. he's got a huge penis and big, heavy low-hanging balls. but this is just me going crazy over my new bf. in the bigger scheme of things, I don't care about balls - except 4 having kids and stuff.

  • I care more about balls than penis. I can live without sex just fine but I love to cuddle and hold balls.

  • (most) Girls don't want to know what a guy's dick looks like. They like the feeling of it if they're fooling around but that's the grossest thing ever.honestly.

    • Your lower extremities aren't exactly picasso either. At least ours can pass for abstract art, or in some cases a Disney Movie Poster. What do you have going there? Oh a picture of a flower.

    • Ha a guys dick seems to be portrayed as equal importance as boobs are. I never said that a vagina was attractive.

    • Yeah, I agree with this. Girls really don't notice guys testicles....

  • i like a guy who's well trimmed. I'm very picky when it comes to hygiene so I do my best to keep myself clean down there so I'd expect my partner to do the same for me if he wants me to go down on him on a regular basis.

  • shaved or not I just like to lick, suck, and have them in my mouth. I love to play with then rite b4 I think he is going to cum to make it last longer I use my hand on his dick and play with his balls! They are suck a turn on!

    • I bet your man must be very happy lol

  • most girls like guys to have big, hanging testicles. it is up to you whether you want to shave because as long as it is comfortable for you it is fine with the woman.

  • I love when they are big and low enough to hit my clit when you're banging me hard

What Guys Said 2

  • I like big low hanging balls on a guy. I like a nice size penis too, but I like the look of big hanging balls more. I don't like the look of tight shriveled ball sacks. I get real turned on by guys with loose hanging big balls. They look so manly. When I see my guy's balls just hanging there it looks so hot. I could play with his balls all night. I pull on them and sometimes I squeeze them and he grunts and laughs. When he walks around naked and his balls are dangling and swinging, it's too sexy for words. There's nothing more sexy and masculine on a guy's body than a big pair of loose hanging balls. His beautiful dangling balls gets me every time. I like his penis a lot but I LOVE my guy's sack and balls.

  • Interesting question. You hear a lot about the stick but very little about the giggle-berries.

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