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Ladies: how wet do you get?

Do you soak through your panties? Or do you just get a little moist?

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  • I have had my head between my 19 year old girlfriends open legs...and licked her clitoris THROUGH her panty hose and her underpants (very brief - bikini cut) and then pulled her pantyhose down and continued licking through her silky, soft, underpants until they were wet with my saliva and her vagina lubricants...then lastly pulling her underpants down below her hips and continued licking her naked clitoris for about 10 minutes...You can only imagine how lubricated her outer and inner labia were at that point...and I could see the glistening effect of the lubricant, as it gradually ran down the lips and began to make a slightly shiny, wet spot, on the sheet between her open, straining thighs...At that point, I raised myself up on my knees between her legs, and pulled her panty hose and her underpants all the way down and gently lifted each leg and took them completely off, leaving her completely nude from the waist down...the only thing she had on was her unfastened bra, laying unhooked. above her pink, hard nipples...My penis was, at that point, T H R O B B I N G...and also wet from my own, ever increasing flow of precum...and my pushed my own briefs down below my knees and took them off...I gently moved on top of my partner...until I felt the head of my, now, pulsing, surging penis make contact with her ever wetter, slippery inside labia as they were now ready for me to push my long, thick penis through her lips. up into her tight, vagina and past her grasping kegal muscle ...and I felt the head of my penis make contact with her cervix ...and then began an hour of continuous thrusting until we both collapsed in a sweating, clinging orgasmand a few teaspoons of seminal fluid...I hope that will assist you in getting your rocks off...I always feel like and enabler here...ladies...I Just KNOW that some of you can do as well as I did here...just thinking about my experience ! Now I have to go get my coffee and start my workout...Just trying to be helpful Bruce Alan

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  • When I get turned on I get pretty wet and you can see a wet spot on my jeans.

  • I have a verrrrrrrrrrry high sex drive and get turned on sooo easy, and when I do get turned on and wet... I get dripping wet.

  • Yeah depends how turned on I am but a guy I was with would always say "I can't believe how wet you are", that's usually after we've been kissing, feeling for a while getting really hot and heavy. And if I give them head then yeah I'm usually soaked after that haha it turns my on so much.

  • ummm pretty wet lol if I'm being fingered or giving a bj or being felt up I can soak my panties usually not through my pants though

  • enough to soak my undies

  • i usually get waaaaaaaaay wet. like you can straight up feel it thru my pants. sexual desire = high up thurr

  • I get really turned on during making out, so by the time my boyfriend starts to finger me, I'm almost soaked through my jeans.

  • Your probably horny and jacking off right now aren't you? Well, My thong gets soaking wet. I stick my finger in my p**** and I lick my finger

    • Damn, good for you ! I'm always wishing some girl would reply like you just did..............and probably when you said " Well, My thong gets soaking wet. I stick my finger in my p**** and I lick my finger" he probably shot his wad all over the bathroom wall or maybe just went off in his shorts. You can bet the farm he was jacking off ..........LOL Bruce

  • I soak through my panties

  • after I get oral I'm absolutely drippin' hahaha.. I generally soak thru my panties ha cause I've got an unnaturally high sex drive..

  • What does this person mean by getting wet?

  • it depends but if I am really turned on it will soak my panties

  • enough to soak my underwear.

  • depends how arousing the guy is. sometimes I'm dry as a bone while others I can be dripping down my leg!

  • Wow I didn't know girls got so wet that it would drip down their legs or soak that underwear! I can get pretty wet and I get turned on really easily but never like that... it's never watery enough to drip. It's kinda like a more watery version of rubber cement rather than a liquid like water! interesting question! Then again, I wonder if having an "innie" or "outtie" vagina would make a difference in how much you soak your underwear...

    • I don't feel like that would make a difference. But everyone is different in the quantity and type of wetness.

  • Sometimes and sometimes.

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