My man wants to see me go down on another girl. Should I do it?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years and the other night during foreplay, he stuck a finger in me then pulled it out and sucked on it and described to me how good it tasted. He then slid his finger back into me and asked if I wanted a taste. I replied to him yes, as a turn on to him. I... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I am also married so I know where you're coming from. If you bring another woman into your bed you have to really, and I mean really trust her. My husband and I discussed it a few years ago and I was actually considering it. At the time my best friend revealed to me that she had a crush on me. I indulged in one night with her and that was it. My curiosity was satisfied and I realized that the only person I want in my bed is my husband. He and I never did have that threesome and he has never even asked about it again. Just be sure that is really what you want to do because once you open that door you can never close it again. It will forever be a part of your relationship whether you want it to or not.