My man wants to see me go down on another girl. Should I do it?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years and the other night during foreplay, he stuck a finger in me then pulled it out and sucked on it and described to me how good it tasted. He then slid his finger back into me and asked if I wanted a taste. I replied to him yes, as a turn on to him. I sucked my juices off his finger then he started making comments on how he would really like to see me eat out another girl. I told him if it happened he wouldn't be allowed to touch her. He says he's ok with that he just wants to see me do it. I've always been a little curios about having another woman but never followed through. Should I ask another woman to join us for the possible pleasure for both of us or just delay it enough and maybe he'll forget about it?


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  • I am also married so I know where you're coming from. If you bring another woman into your bed you have to really, and I mean really trust her. My husband and I discussed it a few years ago and I was actually considering it. At the time my best friend revealed to me that she had a crush on me. I indulged in one night with her and that was it. My curiosity was satisfied and I realized that the only person I want in my bed is my husband. He and I never did have that threesome and he has never even asked about it again. Just be sure that is really what you want to do because once you open that door you can never close it again. It will forever be a part of your relationship whether you want it to or not.


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  • You should try it without your husband there first just to see if you're into it, and if you aren't, then you don't have the pressure of your husband watching you, and you never do it again.

    But be careful, if you ask one of your friends about this and they take it the wrong way (you being curious, and them being either really into you or really against you) they might make a move on you, or start spreading rumors or something like that.

    And, make this about what you want and not what he wants and you might like it a lot more, or be able to give up on it a lot easier because nothing is expected... And unless you speak your mind he may expect it.

  • The answer lies within yourself...don't do anything just for your mate....if you are really interested in exploring this aspect, maybe you should try a few things with a girl friend alone until you are comfortable to do it in front of your husband. The first time you may not like if or freak out and you just may not want to be that exposed to your partner.....Bottom what is right for you.

    • I agree - if you're wanting to check out a chick, doing it alone with her first might satisfy your curiosity without jeopardizing your relationship w/your hubby - unless he is jealous and considers you being with another chick as committing adultery! Either way, if you introduce her into your bedroom, you're both committing adultery. If you sleep with her on the side, you're still committing adultery, but he's not. So, you can choose which of the two you are most interested in or neither).

  • You should only do it if you really want it .

    At first it's good to see if he'll forget it . . But if not, then you need to set some ground rules before you bring someone else in . Plus, remember that it can get addicting for the guy .

  • Go for it, if you are curious, and he wants to see it, then it's good for both of you. Fantasies usually live themselves out either way, why not make it under circumstances where you both can enjoy it.

  • whatever happened here?

  • Do not think about it ever or you will lose your man

  • I would say to you just do it. If your man says he won't touch her then he is telling the truth. He just wants to see his fantasy become a reality.

  • Sure go ahead, problem is you might like it more than you like him and switch teams, it has happened, it might not be a good idea for him...


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  • I think it depends on whether it's something you really want to do or not. If not, I would be honest with him and let him know that you really don't want to. Personally, I have always thought that introducing someone into a marriage relationship normally spells trouble for the marriage in the future. I have very old-fashioned values when it comes to marriage - I believe the people ought to love each other and be committed to one another only in a marriage. However, if you think you would enjoy it, don't let my old-fashioned moral values stand in your way! (lol)

  • Sure why not? If you're both interested in it I see nothing wrong with it! Enjoy and have fun don't let little worries get in the way.

  • a healthy relationships (ESPECIALLY marriage) shouldn't involve a 3rd party... there are other ways of wanting to spice up your sex life. Being married means you made a vow that you'd be with that person, and that person only, 'til death do you part. And we know men... they look and they HAVE to touch. You'll risk getting your feelings hurt, especially if things get carried away, and it becomes a full on threesome- and he moves in on her.

    I'm sorry, but if my spouse asked me to introduce an extra person into the question, I think some serious red flags would go up. Even if you are curious, a man should be satisfied having 1 person in his life. Take your vows seriously.

  • don't do it ... even if he says he won't touch her , come on he is a MAN ! they get uncontrollable ..numb ...unfocused , he def. will touch her and you'll most prob. get hurt .

  • f*** it you should try anything once

  • join the crowd my husband tells me the same thing all the time and I'm like you I would love to try it I get hot just thinking about it but afraid I wouldn't know what to do and I tell my husband you can watch but can't touch or join in and he agrees he

    just wants to watch I say go for it

  • I actually got a very similar request from my guy. we ended up following through and I brought my best friend into the bedroom with us. he didn't touch her and he focused on me but he appreciated seeing us pleasing each other.

    Then after another year and a half of dating him I found out he started cheating on me with her after we had "3-wayed." I suppose he felt like it was ok since I allowed it once. I highly suggest you don't do it, but if you do, make sure your guy is honest with you.

  • I would definitely do it. As long as he doesn't touch her.

  • ok I am going to be honest with ya. these guys on here will say YES, as long as he doesn't touch her. yes, we all have are fantasies in our minds but sometimes when we act them out we can't control the consequences. I feel like its going to go from him just watching you two to him wanting to join in. Obviously this woman is going to be attractive so he is going to be turned on by her. You won't be able to control his desire to be intimate with her. Then he'll want a threesome and all new problems arise. Just don't do it. or I would bring up another guy in the bedroom just to see how he reacts.

  • Hahahahah.

    well first I think that's funny that he wants that.

    and I love how people talk about this on here.

    but uhhh if you want to eat out another girl

    go ahead and make your boyfriend proud.

    but he will probably end up touching her.

  • I know how you feel. My biggest problem is finding a girl to take part in pur fantasy. I too am curious about being with another woman.

  • No you shouldn't! You are married!