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Knee in the nuts?

yesterday I had an argument with my girlfriend.she thought that I was cheating her with an ex-girlfriend of mine.i didn't.when I tried to calm her... Show More

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  • That sounds ultra f***ed up in my opinion. I don't think guys should hit girls and I don't think girls should hit guys. It doesn't really matter how strong you are, it's just inconsiderate of someone else's health

    Plus the most messed up part about it is that she made you think she was cool and you were trying to do the right thing

    Low blow on your girls' part, I would be considering that ex right about that time honestly, although I'd probably never get involved with someone who I thought could bring themselves to that level in the first place

    Good luck with this one dude

What Girls Said 4

  • Are you from New Jersey?

  • lol good fight

    • They do it because it is effective, is fun, can be a little bit of a power or sexual turn on and gets the point across and some guys even want that to happen even if they act like they don't.

  • In all honesty girls do it because we know it's a major weak spot, and in self defense situations its a guarantee to get the guy doubled over in pain, giving us enough time to run away... or kick the guy in the face and THEN run away. I've never kicked/kneed my boyfriend in the nuts though, that's just low (pun intended).

  • thats just wrong. you guys don't go around kicking us in the babymakers (hopefully) girls shouldn't either.

What Guys Said 6

  • I think that somewhere along the line, you lost all credibility with her, and she wanted to tell you that in a very clear way.

  • looks like you got what was coming to you

  • id slap a ho! XD lol jk I would never do that! but... dude you need a new girl who isn't such a bitch. she has angry issues and will continue to mistrust you and abuse you! RUN! RUN!

  • Stop dating psychotic whores.

  • You need to buy a protector with this one ... so like were you cheatin ... ?

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