How often do girls get horney

as guys get horney lots, I'm just wondering about girls


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  • I might be the exception, but I think about sex and I'm horny constantly. Even if I'm having it regularly, I still fantasize all the time. I think I get horny just as much as guys typically do.

    • Not abnormal at all- society has traditionally tried to paint a picture that women never think about/ need sex but the reality is those are antiquated concepts. In truth males and females are very sexual creatures (the survival of our species does depend on on it after all). It's nothing to be ashamed of, but a fact of human nature :)

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  • Every day, multiple times a day. I spend a significant amount of time during work thinking about whether I'll have sex with my boyfriend when I go home, what I'll wear, and how we'll do it, or thinking about how the sex was the night before.

  • I don't get horny a lot, only really when I'm thinking about a guy I really, really like. I won't just randomly get like that for anyone, just guys that give me butterflies, per say.

  • all the time to be honest


  • Usually when I'm fantasizing or remember something hot from a past hook up or something but not just or no reason it kinda has to provoked or thought about LOLOL

  • I just get warm and blush-y around cute guys.

  • I do all the time!

  • I don't get horny alot. But when I'm use to doing sexual things with a guy and it stops for some reason, I tend to think about it and want it. But when you don't have it for a while, I get use to not having it and it doesn't bother me.


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