Guys: do you like "face sitting"? and also...

what is it exactly? I've heard a bit about it here and there. so is it literally where the girl sits on your face and you give her oral? please explain if I got it wrong.

and if that's what it is, then what are you guys' thoughts and feelings about it? how do you get into position for it? I'd be afraid of making the guy feel like he's suffocating underneath me lol seriously.

no harsh words please, I just want to get the facts straight.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It is okay to properly sit on a guy's face. Really. It is the most enjoyable thing a guy can experience. It is just a question of whether you feel comfortable about it. I mean, can you open up your ass cheeks and feel his face sink into you? Worried he might suffocate? Make sure he is prepared (usually by taking a deep breath). When he runs out of air, he will let you know and you just lift yourself up (perhaps you and your guy can decide on a method of letting you know when to let him breathe such as a tap on your ass by the guy). The other option is to bob up and down on him or move your hips back and forth across his face. This gives the guy lots of opportunities to breath. Of course, the only risk in doing so is that the movement may cause some stimulation of your clitoris, but it depends on what you want to get out of it.

    Facesitting by women is an acquired taste so to speak (more so for the man). Some women find no difficulties progressing from a simple hump of a pillow to discovering the extra pleasures of a tongue and nose of a guy to stimulate the clitoris and provide a little teasing of her lower lips. For other women, it may require to be taken in simple stages. For example, try out jeans facesitting. Then when things feel right, progress to the panties facesitting stage. If that feels okay, try pulling your underwear to one side temporarily for a quick dip on the face and lift up to prevent stimulation of the clitoris. Perhaps at this moment it is good for the guy to reassure girl that it is okay and he enjoys it to give her more confidence. Also he should do the right thing by keeping his tongue to himself until she is fully adjusted to the experience. Only after regular close contact of the clitoris and vagina to the man's face and gaining sufficient confidence will she dare to push the boundaries and ask the man to use his tongue. Eventually the final stage is for her to feel comfortable about cumming and squirting on the guy's face. Then she will become a fully-fledged professional of this sex fetish with the options of which end she prefers to enjoy her sex. She may even explore the idea of using a strap-on dildo on the guy's face to try to get the best of both worlds (i.e. a tongue on the clitoris and something firm and hard going into her vagina for a long and satisfying climax.

    However, there will be a few women who will always feel too embarrassed to get this personal with a guy (perhaps opting for breast smothering if it pleases him). But if a guy can find a woman who really loves facesitting, she is very special and worth cherishing and doing everything to please her with that special dessert of a good face rammed up her ass and p****.

    I hope that answers your question!