How can I make a guy HARD?

how do you want girls to do it? or how you make your man go hard? :) help please


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    This isn't overly difficult. Guys get turned on easily. They get turned on when you hint that you might be willing to have sex. (although I disapprove) :( The right suggestive look ("You wanna?") works. Attractive clothing works. A nice scent works. Making out definitely works. Showing up with nothing under a long coat works.

    The bottom line, anything sexual can work just fine, but some guys get turned on by some acts more than others; so you need to know what your man likes.

    If nothing works, then he either has Erectile Dysfunction, or he is gay.

    Good luck...!

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      If you ask how to turn a man off, that would be a much more difficult question. :P