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How can I make a guy HARD?

how do you want girls to do it? or how you make your man go hard? :) help please

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  • O_O This isn't overly difficult. Guys get turned on easily. They get turned on when you hint that you might be willing to have sex. (although I disapprove) :( The right suggestive look ("You wanna?") works. Attractive clothing works. A nice scent works. Making out definitely works. Showing up with nothing under a long coat works. The bottom line, anything sexual can work just fine, but some guys get turned on by some acts more than others; so you need to know what your man likes.If nothing works, then he either has Erectile Dysfunction, or he is gay.Good luck...!

    • If you ask how to turn a man off, that would be a much more difficult question. :P

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  • Look down, you see those two things on your chest? Show them to him, it usually does the trick.

  • Be very close to him. French kiss him with desier. put your tong into his throught. touch his friend through pants jeans what ever he wears and then. Put him on the couch chair and sit on no NO sex though. You want to get him SUPER exited. this is how you do it. There are many other but this is my favorite. I don't know about other guys

    • How sexy is that! I will keep that in mind ;) tnx

    • How to turn a guy off, I believe, is a much more difficult question. :P

  • Basically anything that involves either you showing him something or one of you touching/talking dirty to the other.

  • make out then rub his **** on your ****, but don't put it in he will go wild ahah

  • It's not that hard...er..difficult to do.

  • encase him in cement but make sure you use straws in the nose.

  • Wear a mini skirt and have him flip it up so it lays on your back as you're bent over while standing or whatever and let him rubb your p**** lips through your panties. Let him get a very close-up look while he's doing it!

    • HAHAHAH FUNNY! :)) I don't think he'll be in the mood for that

What Girls Said 5

  • Generally a kiss with a hand lightly rubbing his penis through his pants with do it in a nano second.

  • It's usually pretty easy. My guy friend got hard just when I hugged him. XD

  • Guys usually know what they're doing when it comes to getting turned on, but pressing up against him does wonders to help him along. Kiss HARD and really get up close and personal. You need to let him know you're really into what you're doing. ~_^

  • just say hi.that works for me ;)

  • Touch his penis. Kiss him passionately. It's not that difficult.

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