What does sexual tension feel like?

Like when your around a person. Is it like strong physical impulses, or anxiety around the person nervousness, awkwardness, etc)?

Because I get these random feelings around girls that I'm friends with, and I don't really feel (emotionally drawn, or relationship drawn) towards them


Most Helpful Guy

  • To me sexual tension feels like this. Okay, let's say I'm around a girl that I find super hot and super sexy to me. Like her chemistry really is getting to me. I'll wanna look at her as much as I can yet I know I can't just stare at her. or I'll wanna talk with her but I'll be like. I can't talk in such a way that she'll be able to tell how much I have the hots for her, etc. So I'm probably kinda awkward and in my reactions towards her even though I'm saying on the inside. make a move of some kind dummie! haha! I definitely have some anxiety that she'll leave too soon or that I'll never see her again. I definitely want to meet those kind of girls and get and I wonder sometimes if they know how much a scene they made with the other guys that were there too. lol! I think any of those feelings you mentioned are signs that you're attracted to those persons. So If you can act towards them in any way you should try. Is this any help?