So do you guys like it when a girl squeezes her vagina muscles during sex?

Well I like to squeeze mine pretty hard on their d*** while they are f***ing me cause it feels awesome for me! Does it feel good for guys or...? no difference? or will it feel so good that they blow their load too soon? haha if so maybe I shouldn't...


Most Helpful Guy

  • It does feel good, when you squeeze your Kegel muscle, but the main area I feel it is on the rim of the head of my penis as it moves back and forth through the muscle. For me, it feels much the same as when I move my closed thumb and index finger backward and forward over that "rim" area...when I masturbate...but the Kegal muscle feels like a more taunt muscle...

    Yes, I think if a guy were 'pumping' fast and you were tightening your Kegal, it would make him "shoot his wad" sooner rather than later.

    Exercise that Kegal ...!