So do you guys like it when a girl squeezes her vagina muscles during sex?

Well I like to squeeze mine pretty hard on their d*** while they are f***ing me cause it feels awesome for me! Does it feel good for guys or...? no... Show More

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  • It does feel good, when you squeeze your Kegel muscle, but the main area I feel it is on the rim of the head of my penis as it moves back and forth through the muscle. For me, it feels much the same as when I move my closed thumb and index finger backward and forward over that "rim" area...when I masturbate...but the Kegal muscle feels like a more taunt muscle...

    Yes, I think if a guy were 'pumping' fast and you were tightening your Kegal, it would make him "shoot his wad" sooner rather than later.

    Exercise that Kegal ...!