So do you guys like it when a girl squeezes her vagina muscles during sex?

Well I like to squeeze mine pretty hard on their d*** while they are f***ing me cause it feels awesome for me! Does it feel good for guys or...? no difference? or will it feel so good that they blow their load too soon? haha if so maybe I shouldn't...


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  • It does feel good, when you squeeze your Kegel muscle, but the main area I feel it is on the rim of the head of my penis as it moves back and forth through the muscle. For me, it feels much the same as when I move my closed thumb and index finger backward and forward over that "rim" area...when I masturbate...but the Kegal muscle feels like a more taunt muscle...

    Yes, I think if a guy were 'pumping' fast and you were tightening your Kegal, it would make him "shoot his wad" sooner rather than later.

    Exercise that Kegal ...!


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  • Oh my God, YES!!!

    It's a young woman's secret super power.

    When I was first out of college, every so often -- after a romantic dinner at a new restaurant and while under the spell of soft music and dim candlelight -- for a special desert, my girlfriend would sit me down in her kitchen chair and climb into my lap facing me, with our groins joined as deeply inside her as possible. She would tell me to stay perfectly still, and then would French-kiss me slowly, sweetly and tenderly while she lovingly squeezed and released my erection with her vaginal muscles. I was in utter ecstasy. She would drive me completely out of my mind. Romantic torture. When I climaxed, it was always among the strongest and most memorable of my life.

    I don't know where she learned this special love skill. She exercised regularly, doing aerobics and dance. Maybe it was just natural for her.

    Anyway, if you can do that for your boyfriend, he's for sure a very lucky man. Just be aware that vaginal squeezing will cause him to climax much faster... at least until he gets used to it. Also, be careful not to squeeze him so vice-like that it hurts, or to keep him boa-constricted for too long. You need to release your grip at regular intervals.

    • Older women can do that. Why do you say it's a "young woman's super secret power"? Not all of us have been through multiple vagina births.

  • Yes, continue squeezing.

  • Yep it's the best and makes us not last as long

  • well my girlfreind does it and I don't blow off any earler than normal and itts pretty amazing for us both

  • I think it feels real good when she squeezes her vagina muscles, especially while she is riding me.

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  • That's a funny question because I like to do that, too, esp. when I'm on top or riding the guy. In my experience it has always gotten good reactions :o)

  • It's funny, I never want to be the girl that just lies there. So one time I randomly did this without knowing what I was doing. He was on cloud 9 and kept asking "what are you doing?" And I'd just laugh and smile because I had NO idea XD I looked it up later and found out that most people practice this before they can even do it? So I was a little proud of myself :3 epically since I've had 3 major back surgeries. Sex is something that can actually be good for my back, but especially like this (I'm 20 if you're wondering about the 3 surgeries lol) it's been a great confidence booster for me.

  • When he is inside my wet tight juicy punana i squezed my muscles tight lose tight lose and had him moaning. My first time doing it to see what his reaction was gone be and he came hard and fast now i can't seem to get him off of me. Lol

  • It makes you tighter so most of the time that is going to be a good thing.