Do all GUYS find a naked women attractive?

Regardless of her weight? and cup size ? and other factors?


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  • Human males were attracted by naked human females from the time we were cave dwellers and there was no privacy at all. [Unless you believe the creationists that we were all modern day humans when Adam and Eve started the ball rolling just a few thousand years ago!] We are hard wired to do so because that is part of the sexual imperative that has kept our species going despite the ice age and all the world could throw at us. I have known men tell me they could not understand having an erection on a beach seeing women out of their range of size/shape preference briefly naked as they changed.

    We have been deluged in the last sixty or so years by media, fashions and peer pressure to aim for a figure that seems to some of us in need of a lot of good dinners! We forget that people are people inside as well as outside.

    A woman naked looks somehow more vulnerable than a man ... more accessible perhaps. When clothed their position in the class structure is defined as well as how much they want to be seen as a woman of sexuality.

    I will never believe, no matter how many experts I hear - those naturists who think there is no sexuality attaching to nudist beaches or camps. Nudity is sexual and the naked human body is sexual unless of course it is below the age we set [arbitrarily] as the age of maturity. When females are elderly in a frail way or simply youngsters they are looked on in a protective way if at all.

    I have been speaking from a logical standpoint so as to answer the question rationally but as a man personally I have never understood what can possible excite a woman about a naked man's body apart from the fact that he may appear healthy and have good genes to pass on to offspring - but then I am a man!

    What I have never understood is why women are glad men are delighted to see a woman in,say, a brief bathing suit, but expect them to automatically become as eunuchs toward all other women once in a relationship, this defiying nature - but that is a question for another thread!

    Thank you for an interesting question, I for one would be interested in your views.

    • Well I don't find a naked guy attractive -- if I were to see one -i'd be like - um can you put some clothes on ..-- but if he was my boyfriend then that's kinda another story

      but all females can be different

    • Yes, we are all different, it is interesting though that for instance so many people enjoy being together on the beach or at nightclubs or in the gym wearing as little as possible and that groups of young men like watching groups of girl athletes and vice versa? I hear girls discussing men and their pecs and abs and being impressed about how they look ... asking them when they work out and so on.

      Some of us look beyond the outside ... thank goodness!

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  • No. There are lines and limits to everything.

  • No

  • No.

  • Well, there are limits. Obesity, for example - not just "overweight", but actually obese, horrible scarring - not stretch marks, skin diseases, etc.

    IN GENERAL, though, I would say that I really like naked women.

  • God no

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