During intercourse, do girls like slow deep strokes, for maximum penetration ?

or fast shallow strokes for quicker stimulation ?

also, this is with a 5.2 inch penis with 5.8 inch girth in mind. (in other words thicker, and not longer)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well if I were you I would start with slow and shallow but as you and your girlfriend get into it start to go a little faster don't go to fast. As long as she's moaning you know your doing something right. And always keep your penis in mind.


What Girls Said 4

  • I like a combination of both. Although the deep slow strokes do feel better.

  • Personally, Long, deep strokes feel the best. If you are not pulling almost all the way out each time, it is more difficult to really feel sensation from it. Just moving slightly back and forth while you are inside really does nothing for me.

  • actually I prefer deep and hits the g spot really nice...


What Guys Said 2

  • why do some people (on this site particularily) think there's one answer for everything?

    sometimes you do it fast, sometimes you do it slow, it depends on how, when, why, what mood you're in, the list goes on and on and on.

    do you really think that a girl will want to do it and only want to do it fast every single time for her entire life? and same with doing it slow? or anywhere in between?

    c'mon now.

  • Oh poor guy, sorry to hear about your penis. Girsl like it all. Different strokes, for different blokes.