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So I asked my boyfriend playing with his testicles?

because he always covers them up during a blow job... so I rather ask than just go for it.. he said he wasn't sure if he would like that but then... Show More

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  • I wasn't really into "playing ball" until I hooked up with a rather aggressive, dominant girl. She kinda batted my hand away when I tried to move her away, and then she spent a good amount of time massaging my balls, playing with them, really gently squeezing them. I was panting by the time she was done, and ever since then, I always try to get girls to go there when we're hooking up.

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a yes but he's just a little bit shy to admit. I'm the first sex of my man, and he really doesn't want me giving him a job. but then, after I did him for about 3 times, he wants me to do it always. just do your best thing. give him your best and perfect drive. after you've done it several times, he'll be the one to beg for you to do it the next time.

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