What is the average breast size?

I am a 34b and I want to know if that is a average size.


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  • From some studies, you actually have the exact national average for girls under the age of 18. Any particular reason you want to know?

    Also, you can just search for this stuff on google and other search engines.

    • No not really just curiosity I guess

    • Well, in case you didn't know, most guys don't care about breast sizes for dating. One-night stand girls are pretty much always big breasted, but girls guys want to have a relationship with can usually have any size, in fact, among several of the guys at my school I've talked to, they actually prefer B-cup for dating. (In case you were a little self-conscious, if not, all the power to you)


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  • For real boobs only, or should we include into the statistics all of the fake boob jobs?

    B cups were the average for a very, very long time. But since the mid-nineties, I think, it's been bumped up to C because of boob jobs.

    34B is awesome. 32A is awesome. Petite women with modest boobs. YUMMY!

  • Well to be honest, it depends on the age. Obviously older women have bigger breasts, because they grow. And when you're pregnant they continue to grow. And then a while after, they get smaller again. But if you're curious as to how you stack up against other girls, don't worry about it hun. 34B is an awesome size.

  • those are perfect. please don't ever change! If a guy wants you bigger, then he's superficial --unless you're superficial too, then you deserve what you get :-(

    • He's SUPERFICIAL? I'm a 34D/DD and my breasts are NOT superficial!

  • no not avrage

    its perfect



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  • i think your the average size as most girls I know are the same size

  • I think it's safe to say, as long as your man has a handful, You're safe :}

    I, too, am a 34B. My boyfriend thinks they're perfect.

    If your boyfriend [or future bf] has a problem with it. he's not worth

    the time. It shouldn't take "some getting used to" either.

    So, you're average.

    [+ many men that I know, like B cups. So, you're safe :D]

  • If your under 18, 34b sounds about right.

    I had naturally big boobs as a kid and I now fit a 34DD

    Boobs change with age and certain factors - pregnancy etc.

    It's nothing to feel self conscious about, some guys don't like big boobs.

  • I'm 34B as well, and I'm 16. Most of my friends are around that size so yes, I think it may be the average one.