Younger guys and older women?

I asked a question on here before commenting on how younger guys hit on me. I am 33. Someone answered that younger guys will f*** anything. I work hard on my body and appearance and always took it as a compliment when men 10 years younger then me showed interest. So my question is it true will younger men hit on anyone they think they can get into bed? Does it not matter what she looks like?


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  • That's not 100% true.

    Speaking as a guy, and from what I know about other guys.

    * When we're young boys (say 13) see any hole, animal mineral or vegetable, as a potential partner. "Ohh look a vaccuum cleaner / knot in a tree / slightly curved rock / good god a GIRL!"

    * When we get a tad older (say 15) we loose the mineral and vegetble bits, and start to focus on any girl or our hands.

    * By the time were 18, we'll have developed some "preferences", but it still tends to be pretty flexible.

    * By say 25, whilst you will have distinct preferences, say an age preference, there's certainly flexibility and examples still break it.

    Give you an example. I'm 29, but I have no shame in saying that I still find Meryl Streep good looking, and for that matter Jane Seymor. (I have a long term girlfriend). A good friend of mine is 27 and he has a wife and kid, but on his 'safe' list is Sharon Stone.


    The funny thing is, 33 just isn't "old" anyway. When I was a teenager one of the hottest women was Diane Lane. When I saw Judge Dredd I thought she was sex on legs. She was 30 (I think) at the time.

    This is a good thing for you. If your 33 and attracting comments from 23yr olds, it's not the "milf" crowd your getting... it's the "damn she's hot wonder if I can bed her" crowd.

    Enjoy it.

    • So what if you are 33yrs old and guys as younger as highschoolers are after you, and a 19yr old wants to be in a relationship with you and have babies with you, even though you have a 15yr old and 13yr old? is that MILF attraction only or can he really be into her?

    • The point was that I was trying to make is that the MILF attraction and the whole MILF craze isn't so much as "anyone" that's a mother, but moreso "old enough to be MY mother" (according to the guy). That is, for me, a good looking work collegue that's a mother isn't a "milf" to me, she's simply a hot woman I know. Where as someone like Jane Seymour is old enough to be my mother, yet I find her hot.

      As for ur Q. I highly doubt 33 is 'milf', it's just plain old hot.

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  • An older woman has experience and generally knows what she likes and wants more than a younger woman. If she says yes to having sex with you its assumed she will be more dominant then a younger women will be and if you happen to look young and are older its a fantasy come true. Take note though its a fling thing and not serious to him emotionally.

  • After reading your response to my first answer, you seem sincere and real...when I was a sophomore in College, taking night classes, I met a beautiful RN in one of my classes...that I was immediately attracted to and she was probably ten years older than I. We went out for several months...and she moved to Denver...broke my heart.

    I don't know where some of the comments below originate from: gross ignorance about the subject of older women...this is not 1980, and the "older woman" of today in many cases looks much better than the fat assed men that are 10 or even 20 years younger...I had a woman in my office that I interviewed...and when I saw her birthdate, ( she was near 70 !)

    and didn't have a line on her face...and I'm sure she has a wonderful plastic surgeon...but what the hell...she wouldn't give most of the younger 'toads' a second look.

    I'm guessing, and with good cause, that "Pedroknows" ...below is one of those 'Toads"...

    I wouldn't worry about being 'used' by one of those have enough maturity at this stage to know which dumb ass to stiff arm out of your face and out of your life...

    Enjoy yourself, Cutie...


  • Strange question...I was alway in the opposite position...OLDER women usually make a pass at younger men...that has been my experience...Very odd describe...young men want young women...not OLDER women.

    I have been approached by older women since I was around 20 years old..., I am thinking only a hard pressed younger guy would present himself to an older woman...

    My experience only and ...I have had a few

    Older women want younger men, for obvious reasons...

    Are you just presenting us with an ego illusion here ?



    • I am quite attractive and look much younger then I am so maybe they do not realize they are hitting on someone who is so much older then them. I am not really sure why a woman would want a younger guy. They tend to be very immature and it is all about them most of the time. I would never actually date someone much younger I was just curious is all.

    • You are spot on Bruce - I ama 23yr old guy and I get 40 something women flirting with me all the time - I love it!!

    • Lol. I am hit on constantly by younger men, so I guess it depends on who you are, Bruce.

  • If you've done all this work on your body it's a shame you have such low self-esteem that you need to ask this question. Maybe that's the thing you can work on next.

    Surely by now you know that "younger guys" are as varied in their attitudes as snowflakes (i.e. no two are identical).

    I'm sure there are some that will f*** anything, just as I'm sure that there are others that won't f*** anything because they think it would be disrespectful.

    Pay attention to the individual who is giving you attention and ask yourself what you want in the situation and you won't go wrong.

    • I do not consider myself to have low self-esteem it was more I was just curious then anything.

  • For the most part yes. Since your older, it will seem like nothing more than a conquest for a younger guy to land you. More than likely, it will only be about getting you in bed and live to tell the tale.

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  • I can't think of any logical reason why a young guy wouldn't want to bang an older good looking woman.

  • Yes and no.

    When men are younger they are much more, I don't want to use the word desperate, but...they are more desperate for sex so they are willing to sleep with women they find less attractive cause they just want sex. But on the flip side, younger guys are more focused on appearance than older men. Also, there is a difference between a woman a man just wants to have sex with and a woman a man wants on his arm. Younger guys will sleep with less attractive women but are pickier then older guys about who they want on their arm.

    Younger men are usually drawn to older women because they exude sexuality, not just beauty. That doesn't mean you aren't beautiful, it just means, to a younger guy, your beauty isn't your best feature. With age, women become much more confident in their sexuality and young guys suck that attitude up because women their age aren't as sexual. Or the ones that are come off more slutty then sensual. Older women are more kickback about things which can make for a great sex life for a younger guy. As well as a better life in general if she is kickback in and out of the bedroom.

    My partner is younger than me and his friends that are his age definitely treat me with an odd sense of awe as if I am teaching him things no man has ever known! haha The other half act like they are afraid on me. Like I can see in their souls that they are inexperienced. It's definitely a fascinate experience.

    It's a compliment if a young guy hits on you. They are saying that they see the sensuality in you and they definitely want to get close to it. Because older women can have more baggage or require more than younger women, a guy is far less likely to hit on an older woman unless he is really attracted to her on some level. Simply because his chances of getting her are far less likely. But he is risking it cause he thinks he has a lot of gain if she says yes.

  • I am 38 and my boyfriend is 33, wouldn't have it any other way! I am young at heart and the men my age just can't keep up. More men than you know just don't have the time to be teaching some of these young girls. Not knocking them but some guys (like mines) has been around and has found that older women knows what he needs, emotionally, physically and we can place a mean plate in front of Let it go! Younger doesn't mean anything less than older...Ty_lady!

  • Most guys don't care. I've been hit on by mostly younger guys also. Just means you take good care of yourself.

    • You are 22............what do you mean "younger" guys..............High School ?

  • i never heard of that before. I did hear though that women are at there "peak" in having sex in their early 30's and guys early 20's

    so it might be true, but I depends on the guys personality and how he see's that stuff.

    for example...

    my brother was talking to his best friend who is a girl and she was saying "I hate it when guys act all sweet to you and go out with you and stuff, but then they really just want to get head, you know?" and my brother was just like "uh no Emma 'cas I'm not a perve and a jerk haha." so I really depends on the guy

    • ..................their "peak" .............not there "peak"............stay in school......... you advice to this thirty three year old woman is directly from your Sophomore English class ?

    • I mean from "your" Sophmore english class.

    • No it wasn't from my "sophomore english class"

      the example was just an example but I didn't hear the whole "peak" thing from school

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