Younger guys and older women?

I asked a question on here before commenting on how younger guys hit on me. I am 33. Someone answered that younger guys will f*** anything. I work... Show More

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  • That's not 100% true.

    Speaking as a guy, and from what I know about other guys.

    * When we're young boys (say 13) see any hole, animal mineral or vegetable, as a potential partner. "Ohh look a vaccuum cleaner / knot in a tree / slightly curved rock / good god a GIRL!"

    * When we get a tad older (say 15) we loose the mineral and vegetble bits, and start to focus on any girl or our hands.

    * By the time were 18, we'll have developed some "preferences", but it still tends to be pretty flexible.

    * By say 25, whilst you will have distinct preferences, say an age preference, there's certainly flexibility and examples still break it.

    Give you an example. I'm 29, but I have no shame in saying that I still find Meryl Streep good looking, and for that matter Jane Seymor. (I have a long term girlfriend). A good friend of mine is 27 and he has a wife and kid, but on his 'safe' list is Sharon Stone.


    The funny thing is, 33 just isn't "old" anyway. When I was a teenager one of the hottest women was Diane Lane. When I saw Judge Dredd I thought she was sex on legs. She was 30 (I think) at the time.

    This is a good thing for you. If your 33 and attracting comments from 23yr olds, it's not the "milf" crowd your getting... it's the "damn she's hot wonder if I can bed her" crowd.

    Enjoy it.

    • So what if you are 33yrs old and guys as younger as highschoolers are after you, and a 19yr old wants to be in a relationship with you and have babies with you, even though you have a 15yr old and 13yr old? is that MILF attraction only or can he really be into her?

    • The point was that I was trying to make is that the MILF attraction and the whole MILF craze isn't so much as "anyone" that's a mother, but moreso "old enough to be MY mother" (according to the guy). That is, for me, a good looking work collegue that's a mother isn't a "milf" to me, she's simply a hot woman I know. Where as someone like Jane Seymour is old enough to be my mother, yet I find her hot.

      As for ur Q. I highly doubt 33 is 'milf', it's just plain old hot.