Younger guys and older women?

I asked a question on here before commenting on how younger guys hit on me. I am 33. Someone answered that younger guys will f*** anything. I work hard on my body and appearance and always took it as a compliment when men 10 years younger then me showed interest. So my question is it true will younger men hit on anyone they think they can get into bed? Does it not matter what she looks like?


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  • That's not 100% true.

    Speaking as a guy, and from what I know about other guys.

    * When we're young boys (say 13) see any hole, animal mineral or vegetable, as a potential partner. "Ohh look a vaccuum cleaner / knot in a tree / slightly curved rock / good god a GIRL!"

    * When we get a tad older (say 15) we loose the mineral and vegetble bits, and start to focus on any girl or our hands.

    * By the time were 18, we'll have developed some "preferences", but it still tends to be pretty flexible.

    * By say 25, whilst you will have distinct preferences, say an age preference, there's certainly flexibility and examples still break it.

    Give you an example. I'm 29, but I have no shame in saying that I still find Meryl Streep good looking, and for that matter Jane Seymor. (I have a long term girlfriend). A good friend of mine is 27 and he has a wife and kid, but on his 'safe' list is Sharon Stone.


    The funny thing is, 33 just isn't "old" anyway. When I was a teenager one of the hottest women was Diane Lane. When I saw Judge Dredd I thought she was sex on legs. She was 30 (I think) at the time.

    This is a good thing for you. If your 33 and attracting comments from 23yr olds, it's not the "milf" crowd your getting... it's the "damn she's hot wonder if I can bed her" crowd.

    Enjoy it.

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      So what if you are 33yrs old and guys as younger as highschoolers are after you, and a 19yr old wants to be in a relationship with you and have babies with you, even though you have a 15yr old and 13yr old? is that MILF attraction only or can he really be into her?

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      The point was that I was trying to make is that the MILF attraction and the whole MILF craze isn't so much as "anyone" that's a mother, but moreso "old enough to be MY mother" (according to the guy). That is, for me, a good looking work collegue that's a mother isn't a "milf" to me, she's simply a hot woman I know. Where as someone like Jane Seymour is old enough to be my mother, yet I find her hot.

      As for ur Q. I highly doubt 33 is 'milf', it's just plain old hot.