Girls! What's the best way to pleasure yourself?

I'm a sexaholic, I will admit it. When I was with my ex we'd have sex maybe 2 or 3 times a day, for at least 4 times a week. There was one time we had sex 2 or 3 times a day for an entire week! So you can do the math. Anyways, I decided to buy a vibrator after we broke up cause I'm not easy I don't just go around, but I have a hard time really getting that same sexual feeling as I would with a guy if not better.

I need advice as to how to get that feeling so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


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  • The closest I've come (haha, no pun intended) to finding similar pleasure is with a vibrator and a dildo. I use the vibrator on my clit, and insert the dildo. Perfect combination. :) Hope that helps!


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  • Obviously I am not a girl but I will say that sometimes just that one vibrator doesn't cut it. I recently read a book about sex for couples and they had a few tips on masturbation, this one lady used a vibrator on her clitoris and one on each breast to help heighten the intensity of the orgasm. I do not know if you prefer anal sex but, your anus is another highly erogenous (sensitive) zone, you can try another dildo their while you have one on your clitoris. I hope all goes well.


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  • They have a toy called "the rabbit" I think... it's a dildo with a vibrator for your clit on it. Man, that works miracles. They have one with beads inside the dildo that make it feel more realistic too. They are pretty expensive the better they get but it all depends on how horny you get!

  • What I use is the rabbit like ydoom said it feels soo amazing and the one with the beads in it works sometimes too I hope that helps!