Don't know the right hole?

So I've been "sexually active" with my boyfriend for a few weeks now but I'm not sure we're doing it right. Girls are supposed to know which hole he's supposed to "do" but I don't. I've had to make him stop before because I thought he was in the wrong hole, but I could be totally wrong. I've masturbated before but only by stimulation, not fingering. He fingers me but when he puts his penis in it feels like a different spot. I'm so confused! Where the hell is my vagina?!? This probably sounds dumb, but I'm worried about it.


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  • Well, as long as your sure which one your anus is, (don't put a penis up there for now), then it is your vagina, it probably just feels different.

    Don't do it unless it feels good.

    • Haha yeah. I had a penis up there before my vagina. so, it's the right hole. I was just worried because it doesn't hurt or anything, but there's a burning that normal? or should I get checked out.

    • Well unless it's friction (meaning you're not wet enough- try more foreplay to get you turned on in that case, or use lube). If it's not, then you want to get checked out by your doc as soon as possible, particularly if you having a burning sensation when you pee or anything, but if you haven't got any other symptoms then it's probably not an STD.

    • Thank you so much. You've actually helped a lot, it makes perfect sense. I'm always so worried about what's going on and making him feel good that I don't have time to get wet and relax and let it happen.

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  • If he is in the right spot, which I'm sure he is, then it is a lot easier for him to slide in than if he was around your butt hole. Try this next time you have sex. Since you know where your clitoris is through masturbation, start there and run your fingers down to the first opening. If his penis is already there then you know he is in the right spot. He shouldn't realize what you are doing just that you maybe giving yourself extra pleasure. I agree with Justthefriend that if he is wearing a condom that maybe what is throwing you off.

  • It ain't really a dumb question. Some people aren't sure about some things so they gotta ask, no matter what it is. So all I can say is, I'm pretty sure he's putting it in the right hole, because only ONE hole is big enough to fit the penis in. The other hole is too small for that. It probably just feels like it's a different spot just because the penis is reaching places deep inside where your not used to being anything there until your sexually active. Of course if you orgasms then I'm sure it's the right hole. :). I hope this helped a bit.

  • Grab a mirror and a light.

    Starting from your belly button and going down. First comes your pubic hair which covers your pubic mound. Then you come to the clitoral hood. I you pull back the clitoral hood you will find the clitoris which is a little bump that is often very sensitive until you are very sexually aroused.

    Next is your urethral opening, which is where your pee comes out. That is usually right at the entrance to your vaginal canal. That is the 'hole' that you have intercourse with. Use your finger to go on inside. It is a wonderful and welcoming place full of all sorts of textures, moisture, and nerve endings. We won't get into the g-spot and everything else inside.

    If you continue to go over the hole you will then come to the perineum. That is the skin between your vaginal opening and anus. Then comes the anus, which he could also enter.

    One position you could try to watch what he is doing is by kind of sitting up at the edge of the bed. Support yourself with pillows or whatever. He can then stand between you and place his penis at the entrance of your vagina. You could then watch as he enters you.

    One reason it might hurt is that you aren't properly lubricated. If you don't have proper natural lubrication then either you are going to quickly and haven't been aroused or you just don't lubricate easily. Not a problem. Just get a good water based lubrication.

    Another reason could be because you have never had anything inside of you (I'm not quite sure what you mean by masturbation with stimulation, but not fingers) and you just aren't used to the sensation.

    Another reason if you have put a dildo inside of you then his penis might be larger than the dildo you have used in the past.

    Just relax and know that there is nothing wrong with you. Take your time and don't rush into anything. You might not even be emotionally ready to have intercourse and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • If you have to ask, then you're too young to have sex!

  • Well this is exactly how I feel about this. If you don't even know which hole is the right whole you are too young to be having sex. Why do you feel the need to have sex with him anyways? I mean if you think loving someone means having sex with them you are totally wrong. And another thing are you ready to take care of a baby? Do you think you have enough free time on your hands to handle a baby and if so do you think he will really stick around to help you? Cause if you don't know the answers to these questions you should just wait cause if a guy loves you they will understand that you want to wait k!

    • I don't feel the need to have sex with anyone, I'm not being pressured, we're being safe and we've been best friends for five years. I do it because I want to, I was just confused a little bit. I've figured out the problem, but thanks for your help.

    • Well even if you have been friends five years before you got together what's going to happen later on? I mean have you thought about after high school and into college? Do you guys plan out things there? I mean I would only have sex with someone I really loved and had got to know that they were going to stick around for a long while. So it would mean something but if this is just a high school fling then you might want to reconsider giving him something that special.

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  • The vaginal entrance is the hole below the urethra [where you pee out of]. It is not physically possible to have "intercourse" through your urethra. The opening is far too small to insert something even as large as your pinky, but if you manage to achieve something of that nature, it would hurt and burn like no one's business. Maybe the reason it feels as if he's in a different spot, is because while having intercourse, pretty much everything is going on around the vulva, so it would be hard to pin point exactly where anything is going on. But that is just my guess. If you're really concerned, play it easy and hold a mirror down there and explore. A separate hole that is physically big enough to have intercourse through, would definitely be noticed. Otherwise, you're safe to go :]

  • there are only two holes big enough to fit a penis in and that's the vagina hole and the butt hole. you would know if its ur butt hole because that's A LOT tighter. so I'm pretty sure he is doing in the right hole. I'm assuming he is wearing a condom so that's probably why it feels different from when he fingers u

  • Your V is the last hole before your booty. 😂👌 that sounds a bit weird but I know. Where mine is. That's for sure lol.