Don't know the right hole?

So I've been "sexually active" with my boyfriend for a few weeks now but I'm not sure we're doing it right. Girls are supposed to know which hole he's supposed to "do" but I don't. I've had to make him stop before because I thought he was in the wrong hole, but I could be totally wrong. I've masturbated before but only by stimulation, not fingering. He fingers me but when he puts his penis in it feels like a different spot. I'm so confused! Where the hell is my vagina?!? This probably sounds dumb, but I'm worried about it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, as long as your sure which one your anus is, (don't put a penis up there for now), then it is your vagina, it probably just feels different.

    Don't do it unless it feels good.

    • Haha yeah. I had a penis up there before my vagina. so, it's the right hole. I was just worried because it doesn't hurt or anything, but there's a burning that normal? or should I get checked out.

    • Well unless it's friction (meaning you're not wet enough- try more foreplay to get you turned on in that case, or use lube). If it's not, then you want to get checked out by your doc as soon as possible, particularly if you having a burning sensation when you pee or anything, but if you haven't got any other symptoms then it's probably not an STD.

    • Thank you so much. You've actually helped a lot, it makes perfect sense. I'm always so worried about what's going on and making him feel good that I don't have time to get wet and relax and let it happen.