Hard and Soft Penises?

Hey, girls - Do you like seeing a soft penis just as much as a hard one? Does it do anything for you? Or does it have to be hard to be exciting? (Now mine happens to be quite attractive in both states but I don't know if that's true for all guys, so I thought I would ask).


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  • I just like d*** so doesn't matter how I'm seeing them. Its better when its hard though because its bigger and I know I'm usually about to get laid. Lol


What Girls Said 6

  • Don't mind at all as even the soft one is going to be hard shortly. Soft squishy ones are fun to play with, but they won't stay that way long enough to have good time with it. It gets hard rather suddenly.

  • Lol I saw my first soft penis this morning and I was shocked, definitely not a turn on, but it diffent turn my off, I actually migh of laughed at him, I don't remember.

    • Well aren't you such a sweetheart. Obviously not doing a very good job if it's soft long enough to laugh at him. Oh wait you don't remember if you did or not because you were too busy looking at your own penis?

    • Haha wow so funny. I actually wanted to suprise him with some morning head so he was sleeping at the time. I don't know what kind of girls you have in your bed, but I definitely do not have a penis.

  • A penis is a penis. And yes of course you have different shapes and sizes, and hard and soft. But what really matters is the guy 'behind the penis'.


  • soft ones are actually fun to touch and look at. its like seeing an alien. you don't really see one very often lol

  • I think they are more exciting when the are hard


What Guys Said 2

  • last girlfriend only ever felt my junk without anything over it like my pants or bathrobe or whatever once. she laughed and said it was all floppy and silly. diddnt take long for it to get hard (she was touching it duh) and then I got a bj because she hurt my feelings. the floppy penis is almighty.

  • I would think that hard would be preferred.

    First of all, if it's hard because of her (or even if it isn't, and she thinks it is), it's an ego boost that says that she's sexually attractive. Secondly, having sex with a soft penis would probably do very little for her enjoyment. Seeing a hard penis is more likely to get her thinking about sex with a hard penis.