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GUYS: Why does he hug me so tight?

Does he like to feel my boobs against him? Or does he just want me close.. Because I know when I hug him I like to feel his.. bulge.. Haha (:

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  • I'd say he both likes to feel you close and feel your boobs against his chest. And he likes to feel his bulge pressed against you.

    • Thanks! it helps.

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  • he might just really like you. suggest you tell him to b gentler unless you like it that way. even if it's gentler, you'll still feel each other.

    • Ah, I see. Okay thanks.

  • Quite the contrary, he is trying to kill you by suffocation. o.O Some people just like to give big hugs, but then again many do get a little something extra from them as well. That would depend entirely on 'him' whomever he is.

    • Hahaha.

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