She lets me touch her A LOT. Is this normal?

I've known this girl for a bit and have been thinking of asking her on a date. She's in my college class. We've talked for a while, but I wanted to convey my interest, so I started touching her to show that. At first it was just tapping her shoulder or holding it for a second. Then I started putting my hand on the small of her back when I opened doors for her. Now it's at the point where I put my hand on her mid/low back when we walk and what's amazing about all of this is that she has never flinched/recoiled at all or told me to stop or pulled away. I always checked her facial and body reactions discretely whenever I make a move like this and she never showed any signs of discomfort.

I'm not sure---do girls let guy friends touch them like this? Like literally, when we walk, I can have my hand on her back the whole time and she doesn't care.


Most Helpful Girl

  • try to reach for her hands, if you're walking try to hold her hand, or if you don't wanna go that far, then when you're sitting in class, try to put your hand on top of hers, and see how she reacts, does she pull away quickly being freaked out uncomfortable, or does she blush, smile, show some positive gesture? also, if you want an excuse to touch her, the last guy that liked me wanted to see me ring and bracelet so he just went for it and gently grabbed my hand saying how cute my jewelry was...and I blushed like a fool! lol