Why does my boyfriend want to have a 3-way?

he realized he is in love with me after cheating on me about a month ago. I forgave him and we are still working together to get our relationship to recover. but so soon he asks about a 3-way? I said I'm cool with it (him me and another woman) but I'm re-thinking what his motives are because our sex life is amazing.. help please!

if I mention how I feel to him will he think I'm insecure or not trusting? ..insecurity ruins relationships


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you are not honest with him about your feelings you are not really in a realtionship, you are going out of your way to please him and puting your interest behind his, relationships are about compramise, give and take, if he wants a threesome and you are not comfortable set some boundaries or you could end up in much worse situations. Sounds like he wants to have an open realtoinship so he can see and have sex with other people, you forgave him and now he thinks he can play around and you won't do anything about it. If you don't want an open relationship end it otherwise enjoy it and have fun...