Sado/Mas. Girlfriend?

OK so I can deal with the light smack/ nipple clamps/ spanking but she keeps bring up like painful things that just do not appeal to me at all (like putting needles through nipples, flogging etc.) My problem is I feel like a hypocrite saying we can only do the things I like and not the things she like, so should I stop our 'play dates', try to explain this to her, or just go ahead and do this stuff and not like it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well there are boundaries in every relationship whether they have to do with sex or not. In your case I would explain what you won't do. Sex is suppose to be pleasurable and sometime pleasure is a little bit of pain and not like massicist stuff. Plus if you are not into that stuff then it could mess sex up with other people too. Things could bring back certain bad sexual experiences or whatever.

    So explain your boundaries and make sure she gets them. If she keeps on then she doesn't respect you are a person and is very greedy. if you know what I mean.