Girls' Urethra?

so one of my guy friends was bragging about filling all three holes with his fingers down there... anus, vagina, and urethra.. I personally have never heard of this before, wondering if its true, a lot of guys are actually unaware of its existence and need to take a biology class so I guess I'm going to be hearing from the ladies


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  • Has your friend taken the time to look up what the urethra actually is?

    "Urethra: The transport tube leading from the bladder to discharge urine outside the body."

    The urethra is a small narrow tube. It's not even possible to stick your fingers up there. Think about it. That would be like someone trying to stick their fingers through your urethra, which is the small opening in the penis where urine and semen comes out. Would you find that fun or pleasurable?

    A woman's urethra is even shorter than a man's. That's why women are so much more prone to Urinary Tract Infections because bacteria can travel so much easier through a shorter urethra than a longer one. Human hands carry so much bacteria on them, that if he did manage by some miracle to get his finger in that tiny tube, the girl would probably end up in the hospital with serious damage to the tube.

    Unless he used a catheter, I don't think your friend was telling the truth.

    So, the next time your friend decides to tell some lies about his sexual prowess, tell him to check his facts---that way his story would be somewhat believable.

    • I've had cathetars in my *iss hole bigger than fingers before.(ones they use on women too) It's completely possible. Not pleasurable, but possible. And some people are into pain. But that's just not sanitary, as you said.

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  • Your guy friend is full of it! Not a chance in hell that a finger was pushed up inside a girls urethra. Would be physically impossible without tearing her.

  • Stay away from the urethra! You could cause some serious medical problems for her. You start messing around with the urethra, you will cause a bladder infection. Very painful for her! Don't stick anything in there, leave it be.

  • Haha! That's like putting a finger in YOUR urethra!

    That is highly unlikely and not enjoyable at all!

    I had to tell a guy one time that a woman's vagina and urethra are two different things...

    Your friend may not be the best person to listen to re: female anatomy

    But, it was funny to read, thanks!

  • ok, first of all, you need to tell your friend that he is the world's biggest idiot. I think he was pretty much just trying to sound like a bad ass. I am pretty sure it is impossible to do. I mean to even have a catheter put in is extremely painful, so I don't imagine any girl would want a guys finger, which is way bigger than a cath, to go into her urethra.

    • Yeah + like some others have said, the urethra is where the urine comes out. DO NOT DO THIS.

  • oh god oh god oh god. why the f*** would he do that? Argh. Even thinking about putting something in my urethra makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    • Hey babeh, your urethra's so tight, you ready for me ??

      lol jkjk

  • Ouch! I highly doubt he's telling the truth... that's some kinky sh*t right there. I don't think most porn stars would even be up for that!

  • ummm... no

    if he did that sounds extremely painful, like imagine someone putting their finger up your pee hole. Just no.

  • He's lying. The girl would either beat the sh*t out of him or cry.. maybe both. It's pretty much where you pee.. Omg.. your friend isn't the smartest is he?


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  • Your friend really has little idea of the configuration of the female anatomy. I would ignore him in the future. That sounds like an excellent way to give a woman a killer UTI but not a good way to get her off.

  • I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. Even small holes can be stretched. I've had surgeries, after which a catheter the size of a quarter had to be inserted into my dic*. And those are unisex. So although, it's completely unsafe and unsanitary, it's possible he did it. Add to that some people are into pain and such. I've witnessed things in porno I wish I could unsee involved insertion of things up the p*ss hole.=\

  • Pedro wants you to be totally sure that there is no way in holy mexico that your friend put his finger (not even his little one) in a girls urethra.

    If you don't believe me, try and put your finger down your urethra and see how far you get.

    Pedro needs to go - he has just fallen of his chair from laughing so hard at your lying skinny fingered amigo.

    If you do attempt to poke your own urethra please let Pedro know how you go.



  • urethra.. I don't know if it would feel good to have anything in your urethra..

    • That's one hole that's not meant to be filled lol.. (aside from the anus, although people still do it)

  • Tiny fingers.

  • I call bull sh*t

  • And this guy.

    It is located 2/3 down from the clit to the vag opening.

    Sometimes raised a bit like a mini-cervix.

    A normal one gaping from arousal may open to 1/4" or so.

    You can work your fingertip into it a little way just like yours, but not like an anus.

    Some women get pleasure out of teasing it.

    Some women insert objects into it called sounds and claim sexual pleasure that way.

  • Yeah just when you thought it was not possible someone proves you wrong...medical journals

    Emergency medical journal



    Its a form of self harm in women.

    In men you can get urethra vibrators and inserts to stop ejeculation of goo...or pleasure I suppose never really thought about it or want to..