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Why do guys like ejaculating in a girl's mouth???

it taste so bad and then you have to kiss her after that sometime anyways so aren't you just gonna get t in your mouth?

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  • Tell them "no thanks" and move on to a more important topic, like why the guy can't respect your preference in the bedroom.~ ArtistBBoy

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  • A lot of it for me has to do with the intimacy. When a girl is giving me a BJ, if she shallows my load, it really does feel like she's accepting all of me. If she takes out a towel or tissue, it's just not as sexy. It also does feel much better for that last bit of sucking right until the time when I orgasm. And then for her to continue a little longer when I am at my most sensitive.

  • I think its party because right after we do our d***s get really sensitive especially at the head. When a girl has her tongue going over that after we bust it is the most amazing feeling we could ever experience.

  • Oh come on its like the only time, you aren't able to speak. Which is awesome, and it feels good.

    • Just kidding, I think its utterly disgusting. I haven't done it because I don't want it on me or in my mouth. Its nasty in my opinion.

  • No because she swallows or spits. And because it feels amazing and is a major turn on!

  • It is simply a huge turn on for me to see my come in her mouth. It also feels so much better when getting a blow job if she keeps sucking while I'm cumming instead of pulling it out and having her jack me off, that really ruins the whole thing.

  • ladies, you have to be a guy to understand, just like how somethings we guys have to be a woman to understand.if you don't swallow you know where the door is.

    • Just curiousdoes that mean you go down on her as well?

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    • You must be a lonely fella!

    • I must be a lonely fella because.... I go down on girls if they want me to? or because I like them to swallow? either one makes no sense whatsoever. p.s. you're ugly as f***, don't talk to me katiesmuff. thanks.

  • Meh has to go somewhere so why not there

  • The whole reason I love it so much is because to a guy, it seems so hot. He has officially come in your mouth haha. The only other territory in your body left to conquer is your p*ssy so he feels in control, and probably finds you hotter for even doing it. Other than this though it just feels awesome XD

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  • In my case I love for my guys to come in my mouth but to answer your question I think it feels good for the guy, and it in some ways gives him that thinking of power.

  • thats nasty.. for the guys.. WOULD YOU SWALLOW?

  • I agree, I don't get why guys like it when girls shallow either

  • What are you talking about? I love cum. It's delicious. I get a craving for it even. Maybe your guy eat too much meats, but the come I've encountered is usually always sweet and yummy. I love swallowing.

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