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Do women like being controlled or in control in the bedroom?

I am curious if women like to be in control or be controlled in the bedroom or do they even think about it. If you like one or the other please... Show More

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  • I'd rather be controlled. You're a man, and since nowadays there's no reason for you to show me that by going out and killing something for dinner show me in the bedroom by picking me up and throwing me around like a rag doll, hold me down, f*ck me, and make me yours.

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  • I'm bi,and usually when I'm with a guy,I love being controlled.I want the guy,to take me,shove my head into his lap,and hold my head,while I do oral.I also want him to grab my hips and thrust during doggie,or grab my ankles,lift them up high,when penetrating me.With a woman,I could go either way.

  • I like both, totally depends on our moods. I prefer being controlled though. It's HOT being told what to do in bed.

  • I like to be controlled :]

  • I really like when my guy takes control and like bosses me around. Its real fun to say yes sir also :-P lol

  • Personally I like to be controlled. I am alway the one in control in every situation, so its really nice when a guy takes me and makes me feel helpless, its a nice change. I don't know maybe I'm just wierd.

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