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Do girls like guys with soft lips?

I was recently watching youtube videos and I came across a video with two women kissing. One of the women commented on how the other had really soft... Show More

  • Vote A Guys with Soft lips like a girl
  • Vote B Guys with soft lips, not as soft as girl
  • Vote C Rough lips
  • Vote D Really rough

Most Helpful Opinion

  • soft lips are nice to kiss but not the most important. I never really thought about it. generally lips are soft. hmm my bf's lips are not rough, I guess they're soft. I don't see him wearing lip balm. I guess it's a plus if a guy has soft lips but I won't hold it against him if he has rough lips, it generally is the whole package I'm looking at anyway like personality etc.

What Girls Said 3

  • Soft lips are good :) I've kissed guys with chapped or dry lips and it's just not as sexy.

  • I didn't vote, but I'd say soft to medium lips. If I wanted a guy to have lips like a girl, I'd go kiss a girl (I'm straight, I'm just saying). Guys have manly lips for a reason. If they have soft lips, awesome. But if they have rough, I wouldn't care. If you like a person or whatever, the texture of their lips shouldn't be a big deal, really. And I don't think it's a big deal if guys wear chapstick. It just means they care about their lips.

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