I can wear either a 36D or a 34DD but I still feel I have small boobs. So what should I do?

when I went and got fitted for my bra size I was told that was above average but I still don't feel like it.


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  • Sweetie, if you think your boobs are small, I'm a big A, or small B. Trust me, you got some biggens.

    But if you still feel like you aren't big enough (but I promise you, you are), I suggest going to Victoria's Secret and buying some nice push-up bras. They work great and make your boobs look really good.

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  • I personally think that it is too big already.

    I go for B and C.

  • Well, I'm not a girl, nor am I an expert on girlish dress or whatnot. I'd highly suggest AGAINST implants, just because it can cause scarring and natural always seems better. At least in my opinion.

    I'm not good with sizes, but DD sounds pretty large. But if you don't think they look that way, perhaps get one of those push-up numbers. Check Victoria Secrets. I'm sure they have 'em.

  • You seriously don't have to worry about boob size.

  • You're breasts are wayyyy too big, and unless you're over 300 pounds, they're gigantic for a normal size girl.

  • Trust me! They are big enough! Don't be eager to get them any larger! Many me prefer smaller boobs and yours are not too small or too large! They are perfect as all women's natural breasts are! It, after all is he woman whose breasts are attached to that makes them sexy or not!

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  • Any girl who has D or DD cups is not small

  • That's a pretty big size to start with... but if you're not happy consider push-up bras or inserts... I wouldn't recomend surgery. You may regret it later and being natural is almost always appreciated more.

    Consider why you want bigger boobs? Do you not feel sexy? Perhaps consider changes in your wardrobe. Self-esteem (which coincides with sexiness) can be built in many other ways. If you feel sexy, you will exude it and others will be attracted. It's about working what you have :)

  • Hun, you might not feel like it because you got a 'small' back size. If you would have been a 40D or something, it would look way different. But your size really is above average, although you not even feel like it.

    On top of that, 36D and 34DD might be the same cup size, but it's not the same size! You need to make sure, you can't pull the band away too much, not more than 1-2 inch. Try your bra on the loosest hook, so you can tighten it up.

    Of course the cups shouldn't be wrinkly and you shouldn't have any extra fabric left. If the wrinkling however is only on the top of your cups, it's because the bra is too small and the cups don't fit around your breasts.

    If your band is too loose, it might feel 'more comfortable' but your breasts will sag and you won't get any support. 80% of the support comes from your band, so it isn't supposed to be very loose anyway! Also, make sure the straps don't dig in, not even a slightest bit. If they do, your band size is too big.

    Good luck with finding YOUR size.


  • there are girls who have B cups and smaller...why the h*ll would you think a DD is small?

  • You have nice sized boobs! I, personally would rather be your size. The bigger you get the more your back hurts, believe me! I wear a 40 G and I do have some backaches from them and they are heavy! I wish I had smaller ones but I don't want any surgery or anything. Be happy with what you have, k? :)

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