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GIRLS: Do you like the smell of your own muff?

Leave any thoughts if you have them.

  • Vote A No, gross
  • Vote B Yes, but only after the shower, so it doesn't really have a scent
  • Vote C Yes, I like the scent

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What Guys Said 5

  • well if your fingering yourself then smell your fingers that makes more sence.

  • you must me very flexible to smell your own "muff"

  • For what it's worth: *I* love the smell - as long as we're talking about healthy hygiene, it's all good.

  • i agree with tiger.

  • what planet is this on?

    • I think this question is coming from Orions Belt.....Not sure what planet in that Constellation. .....

      Men In Black would be the ones to ask which Alien it is..........

    • Allright bruce thank you for agreeing lol

What Girls Said 9

  • Yes I do, but my ex said I smelt like fish, asshole.

  • not really...

    i don't think about it when I don't smell anything

  • sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. depends how confident I feel and how horny lol.

  • Umm... no

    but I don't think it's gross, so none of those answers are for me. It's not like I smell bad, I don't think I have much of a smell... unless I stuck my face right in there, which I won't/can't do.

  • My guy told me he loveddd it when he went down on me and could smell and lick.. then he kissed me and I got real self conscious cause the taste left in his mouth was salty.

    So personally I don't like it, I'm afraid somethings wrong and it's either too strong or just weird smelling but I don't know.. as long as my guy doesn't have a problem with it I'm okay :)

  • For the most part I like the smell of it.

  • Yes! When I'm alone I constantly stroke myself down there, and I love the smell being on my fingers. Lol idk, it comforts me

  • honestly I don't really care for it. The only time it bothers me is when I'm heavy. but overall I not more inclined to liking it or hating it. Its just there. lol

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