Does female discharge normally leave a yellowish stain on panties?

I am a bit curious, I understand the female anatomy and I just would like to clearly understand if feminine discharge leave a stain and or leave a trail


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  • Yes it is normal for it to be. Feminine discharge can be from white to a light yellow, it depends on many different factors (i.e. time of month, certain activities, even what she eats can make it more yellow then white). Anyways, it is normal and you should not be grossed out. Definitely not p*ss...

    • Thank you, detailed and straight forward.

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  • yeah it's normal for discharge to be a bit yellowish. if you're noticing yellowish stains on her panties and wondering what it is, it might also be period stains washed over and over and over. Mine tend to get a brownish/yellowish and it looks rather unpleasant, haha, but I know it's just blood.

  • yeah sometimes it dries a bit yellow, that's normal

  • yeah, that's completely normal.

    the discharge itself usually isn't yellow, but the underwear usually stains that way.

  • Yes, it definitely can be. the discharge itself isn't usually yellowish, it just depends on how long it was in the underwear, how old the underwear is (aka, how many times has she gotten wet in them) and stuff like that. I've never p*ssed my underwear, but some of them are a little bit yellowish.

  • sometimes but not usually

    discharge is usually white or see through

    yellow is p*ss

    • Oh, my girlfriend left her underwear at my house & I'm a bit curious . hahas, I just thought she p*ssed herself or something :P

    • It didn't gross you out? I'd be totally embarassed and wouldn't be able to show my face if I did that!

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  • On your panties...not unless she is wearing them...?