GIRLS and GUYS, eating out?

OK so my boyfriend told me he'd like to eat me out, and I've never experienced anything like that before and it makes me nervous lol. I often give him blowjobs, and I'm afraid he just says that because he feels he "owes" me something. I don't want him to feel pressured into anything, whatever happens I want him to be pleased too.

So guys, do you actually enjoy eating a girl out? If so what do you like about it and if not why? What can I do to make it more pleasurable for him (that is my main concern)?

Girls, is it normal that I feel like it's awkward? Also, I tried to wax down there, but it really hurts, but when I shave, it's not perfectly smooth.. Is there a special razor I should use or something?

Thank you so much for answering, I really want it to be a good experience for him too!


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  • Girl, my man LOVES to go down on me. In fact, before we were together when I asked him:

    "If a girl you were dating would give you head, but didn't want to receive, would that be a problem for you?"

    His answer... "Oh NO, that's a problem! I want to eat p*ssy every time I climb into bed with my girl, so we would have to work something out."

    The bottom line is it can be a REAL turn on for a man to please his girl. I LOVE going down on my boyfriend because I love the power and the knowledge that when he squirms, its because of me. I actually get off on that. It can be the same for men. So if your boyfriend wants to do this for you... let him. It could be great for both of you.

    As far as logistics, I know that waxing is painful, but it really is better for them. I mean, you can just keep it short and neat; I used to do that basically because I was avoiding the pain and hassle of waxing, but they get SOO much more into it when its smooth and frankly, if its done well... a Brazilian wax just feels better and cleaner for YOU.

    My advice... go to a professional and let them take it ALL off... most likely your man will love it. Make sure you get reviews of the place, some are better than others.

    If you absolutely CANT do the waxing, you can invest in a ladies electric razor. It may not seem like it would do the job but it DOES... it takes a little time on your part and you have to be meticulous... but it does work and it can get you baby smooth... the only issue is it only lasts a few days where waxing can last a few weeks.

    Good luck, wax well, relax and enjoy it. ;-)

    • Thank you!! This helped a lot :))

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  • Are you kidding? Just the thought of eating a girl out is awesome!

    About the shaving issue, well, you don't have to aim for "perfectly smooth". Just go for "as smooth as possible".

  • I beg for it., I know it enhances her and my experience just as equally. I like to go down on a girl when she just finished washing it because sometimes the taste is a bit too powerful but nothing is like being in control of her orgasm its the best feeling when you see her facial reactions, feel her body tremble with every lick and her moans getting more intense as she's about to climax, its totally awesome =]

  • This has a similar question that guys ask "Do you swallow". Taste of a guy can vary as can the taste (and smell) of a girl. I have problems at times eating a girl out due to the sometimes mustier smell of a woman during sex. However, if I can past that (which I have learned to do most of the time) it is an enjoyable experience. It isn't the flavor or anything similar that draws me to it. I like to do it for a woman because she enjoys it and it becomes pleasurable for her. Hearing her get off to it turns me on more.

    Things you can do to make it pleasurable for him: Moan *IF* you enjoy it (give it a chance though) and if you don't when he is finished let him know. Play with your breasts, squeeze them and pinch the nipples, things that he would do to them. bring a toy (vibrator or something) you or him can hold it to your clit while he eats you making the experience more enjoyable. There is always the 69 position as well. Get on top give him head while he eats you out.

    I can actually some of the "girl questions" from a guys perspective as well. It is normal to feel awkward. You haven't had it done before, you aren't sure if you will like it, you aren't sure why he is doing it... I promise though, you will like it if he knows what he is doing, Shaving... this one is difficult. As a guy I shave (a lot of guys that get a little older start to shave). I have found men's razors to be better than womens for this task. A Mach 3 razor has always been my favorite. The first pass should be with shaving cream or gel, whichever you prefer. However, lather yourself up with soap really well and then pass again just with soap. The soap will keep the blade going smooth but will allow you to get much closer to the skin. whatever you do, DO NOT go against the grain T_T the first time I ever shaved resulted in razor burn for aobut a week down there... hurt like hell.

  • Lay back and enjoy the ride. Just make sure it is clean and April fresh down there especially on the first time if you ever want him to go back for more. I love the taste of p**** in the morning. My girlfriend loves it when I wake her by licking her in that special spot. Licking p**** is great foreplay in my opinion.

    As for shaving down there soak that area for a good half hour and then shave it. It will be much smoother and easier to shave.

    You may want to get him a coal miners hat so he can see what he is doing down there. Ha just kidding.

  • There's literally nothing I like to do more with a girl. It's not some obligation thing, it's just an immense turn on to make her rise off the bed and howl.

    To help him out, just make sure you start out very clean front and back (if he's doing it right, it'll get really messy down there real fast, but that's one of the hot aspects). Try getting a Brazilian at a spa -- it's not bad at all. But most of all, relax -- if you're getting all weird about it and keep putting him off, it's ruin it; it's really the most natural thing in the world. You give him blowjobs all the time, why wouldn't he do the same? And if you're tense, then you won't enjoy it, and then it's not good for him either, both working away for an hour for no result, and the feeling that he's not good enough to please you. So, to make it a good experience for him, literally just relax, lie back, and enjoy.

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  • For the most part guys like going down on a girl. Some guys are weird and don't want to but they are in the minority.

    First few times you get eaten out it seems a bit strange to start with, but soon feels so gooooood.

    The ladies venus is what I use along with the creams made for that region. All easilly available at grocery stores and such.

  • I know when my boyfriend gets really horny he wants to go down on me... guys love it, but the less hair the better...dont worry about it being perfectly smooth when your in the moment you don't need to think about things like that, it will spoil it... if he wants to go down on you its because he wants to not because he feels like he owes you... just relax and don't think about it to much... make moaning sounds tho it shows him that you are enjoying it... have fun with it...

  • okay I have a razor I use its a "bikini trimmer" think its from walmart I don't know for sure but its the buzzy kind and gets the job done perfectly lol

    an I respect you for wanting him to pleasure too lol

    and last, you should definitely let him do it because it is so wonderful and you will love it I can almost promise you

  • get one of those neat electric favorite is called's small and works great...and to make it more pleasurable for him: eat fruits, vegetables...none of that processed sh*t...that's what would make someone taste are what you eat, ya if you want to taste like a pineapple, eat some's always worked for you feel better

  • I wouldn't worry about shaving, just clean really well so it's not stanky. there is a normal vag smell but most guys like it. Just trim, clean and it'll be fine. If you relax and enjoy it, he'll love that he's making you happy.

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