Hey girls, do you like a freaky guy? not scary freaky, I mean sex freaky?

just wanna know because I'm freaky when it comes down 2 sex


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  • Would guess you would have to get into more detail on this freaky thing before I could answer honestly

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  • Everyone has something that turns them on whether it's considered normal by mainstream or not. You just need to find someone who shares your desires.

  • gettin ones freak on between the sheets is good, like role playing, bondage,domming etc which are my fav, but getting really weird or freaky like choking up each other , cutting each other that's when the alarm bells should go off

  • Personally, I think that's a good thing. But not all girls are like me. haha

  • Freaks can def be hot. :D

  • The freakier the better! :P

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  • I guess with freaky you mean you have fetishes you concider abnormal, and pretty much everyone has them.. some are more normal then others but everyone does have something.

    Being open-minded isn't looked upon as a bad thing from my experiance.

    • Naw not those out of the world fetishes lol I ain't down with all that

    • Well my point was, what may be normal to you might not be for someone else and vica versa.

      Everyone has their own fetishes they concider normal ;)