Why would she lie about past sexual partners?

I found out she had more sexual partners in the past than she have told me. It bothers me that she lied about this and I start to question our relationship as a whole. She does not know that I know about them, and I will never admit that I know because my proof is unethical on how I actually found... Show More

Thank you all for the responses. This is my first time using this website and I will most definitely continue using it. All of you guys/girls are helpful and I will always open for more answers. Thank!

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  • Probably not a question you should have asked in the first place as past partners are none of your business anyway! Don't condone lying, she should just have told you it was none of your business.

    Now if you are worried about her still messing around you are heading for disaster my man. This will only grow worse.

    Why does she go clubbing without you?

    You might try taking a different approach and look at this as a glass half full and not half empty. In other words trust her till you have real reason not too and don't let this fester