What do you girls fantasize about when you masturbate?

I guess I will just name the classic ones, if you have a different one just type it as a comment.

  • Vote A Hairy creatures
  • Vote B Rape situations
  • Vote C Other girls
  • Vote D High School crushes
  • Vote E Co-workers
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  • Im one of those girls who does fantasize about being raped, sometimes by multple guys at once. I wanna be tied up smacked around and told what to do. I have never actually had it done to me yet, but I want to soooooo bad because having a man in control of me turns me reeeaaally on haha

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      Like get spanked, maybe a little bit on the chicks, some anal, a hard pounding and swallow. Is that what you mean?

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      Idk what positions rly ill do anything I'm pretty flexible. I love doggy style and I would do anal w this if I had like 3 or four guys because there are only so many holes lol. Thatd be frikin awesome w 3 guys because one d*** would be in my mouth, another in my ass and another guy underneath me fukin me in my pussy. yeah I'm a freak haha :P and ill take as many guys as there are ill do almost anything

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      Nice stuff, cool you like anal.