What do you girls fantasize about when you masturbate?

I guess I will just name the classic ones, if you have a different one just type it as a comment.

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  • Im one of those girls who does fantasize about being raped, sometimes by multple guys at once. I wanna be tied up smacked around and told what to do. I have never actually had it done to me yet, but I want to soooooo bad because having a man in control of me turns me reeeaaally on haha

    • Nice stuff, cool you like anal.

    • Idk what positions rly ill do anything I'm pretty flexible. I love doggy style and I would do anal w this if I had like 3 or four guys because there are only so many holes lol. Thatd be frikin awesome w 3 guys because one d*** would be in my mouth, another in my ass and another guy underneath me fukin me in my pussy. yeah I'm a freak haha :P and ill take as many guys as there are ill do almost anything

    • What positions do you most like then and how many is multiple? just wondering :)

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  • I'm straight but usually I fantasize about other girls.

  • i usually fantasize about a guy I want to take to bed... or a hot guys I see at college...lol

  • I think of being raped sometimes but it's weird because I feel so grossed out after.

    • Yeah, they could take it serious.

    • I think you're confused. That's something you can research.P.S. "letting the chips fall where they may" might be good enough for you but not for a woman getting raped

    • Yeah, why would you have sexual blame avoidance or reppresion instead of be cool and let the chips fall where they may?

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  • teachers is one for me. like the young hot teacher you have and he pops into mind

  • I close my eyes and roam my body thinking about it being a stranger, like its not even me touching me. I try and block everything else out and concentrate on what I feel. If that makes sense lol!

    • I can't imagine. It sounds like an impossible thing to do because you can feel your own hands. I like the idea though.

  • A certain group of guys that in my mind I have dubbed "worthy" of that kind of attention from me. I'll imagine them doing everything to me and just that look on their face when they figure out how to make you come.

    • Delusional?

    • That must be very sh*t-ty. Thinking all that and still being delusional.

    • Oh I am smart lol. As in top 10% of my class smart. its more about how they push my buttons,than how they look, although I have to say I am pretty superficial and it does still matter , but not a lot of guys get me well enough to do that and its really a major thing for me

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  • Other girls. I have a specific type: big breasted curvy women with big butts. I could look at a naked pic of a skinny girl or someone with small boobs and not get turned on at all but D cups? omg lolon a side note, this is more of a rant, I wish these dumb ass little girls would stop saying they are into rape fantasies. I don't even think this is indicative of what most girls are into, just the odd freaky ones are the loudest so now some guys get the idea that its a common fantasy. I like it ROUGH sometimes and I like a little dominance from my man, but rape is never a turn on

    • Yes domination & RAPE are NOT the same thing at all.being taken at will & being violated - seriously no connection'oh um yeah like I think it would be so cool to have some threaten my life & pummel the sh** out of me" I would make myself STOP thinking that way if I DID - I certainly would not flaunt it... Just out of compassion & respect for people who have BEEN RAPED. It is a reality & nightmare for many people. It is sub human to indulge in it. No empathy for people who live it *

  • Um... hairy creatures? No thank you to bestiality. I wouldn't exactly call that a classic one.Unless you meant hairy PEOPLE, as in human beings.I sometimes fantasize about something that I have always considered to be something of a rape situation but when it gets down to it it's not exactly true rape at all. However I voted that because it is the closest fit and also I have a feeling that many girls who think they have a rape fantasy really have something more along the lines of what I have. I'm not saying there aren't any people out there who do have a "real" rape fantasy, just that I think rape gets lumped together with something much milder when it comes to talking about fantasies. For the most part I just think about sex and regular things associated with that, and not with a particular crush or anything.

    • My mistake. I meant, fantasize about a boyfriend who you did not have sex yet with. I didn't know you were a virgin, that's pretty cool.

    • Why do you keep saying "who you haven't had sex yet"? It's true that I haven't had sex yet, but how do you know, and why does it matter? Also, you don't have sex a person, you have sex WITH them.

    • What about in the past? Did you ever fantasized about your boyfriend who you haven't had sex yet, raping you and making things happen?

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  • Threesomes, a guy doing absolutely everything he can to turn me on, or all the dirty taboo things I think about but would probably never do (e.g. public sex, pleasing multiple men at once, DPs, etc)

  • im straight...i think...but I think about other girls.

  • My guy naked!

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