Girls... how old were you when?

First got fingered...

First gave oral...

First Had Sex..

First Had Anal...

First had another girl...

First Had a vibrator...

First Had and orgasm...

Copy the above and enter your answers


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What Girls Said 7

  • First got fingered...15

    First gave oral...15

    First Had Sex..15

    First Had Anal...15

    FIrst had another girl...haven't yet.

    FIrst Had a vibrator...haven't yet.

    FIrst Had and orgasm...Not sure. >.<

  • First got fingered...15

    First gave oral...15

    First Had Sex..16

    First Had Anal...never

    FIrst had another girl...ive been eatin out by a girl but I didn't do anything to her other then make out

    FIrst Had a vibrator...never had one

    FIrst Had and orgasm... I can't remember

    • Ya like it when she ate you out.. how old were you and how old was she?

    • You're a perv.

  • First got fingered...19

    First gave oral...never

    First Had Sex..19

    First Had Anal...never

    FIrst had another girl...never

    FIrst Had a vibrator...never

    FIrst Had and orgasm...19

  • First got fingered...14

    First gave oral...21

    First Had Sex..17

    First Had Anal...33

    First had another girl...Never

    First Had a vibrator...31

    First Had and orgasm...By myself 12 with a guy 17

  • got fingered: 14

    gave oral:15

    had sex:15

    had anal:22

    had anther girl:21

    had a vibrator:16

    had an orgasm:15

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What Guys Said 3

  • If you get these answers, what difference would it make in your life? Just curious.

  • just some info I first fingered a girl when I was 24, Gave Oral at 25, had sex at 27 To my wife, never had anal, kissed a guy, and my wife was kissed one girl, nether had ever used a vibrator, and my first orgasom was at maybe 12, hers she said was at 14

  • How about "first reeived oral"?