How old do you need to be to produce sperm?

MY boyfriend wants to have sex with me and I wanna have sex with him to. But we are both young and he doesn't wanna use a condom cause he says he can't produce sperm yet but I'm not sure I believe him. so how old do you need to be.


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  • dont listen to that smart ass guy

    girl use protection turn the lights out and put it on with out him knowing if you have to


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  • "he doesn't wanna use a condom caise he says he can't prouduce sperm yet"

    Bullsh*t. "No glove, no love."

  • A male starts producing sperm around the age of 13.

    It can be from 11 to 14.

    I can tell you though that there is 90% chance that he is lying to have sex without condoms. A lot of guys do that. I don't understand the hate towards condoms, but it exists.

  • General rule of thumb- if you have the desire to copulate, you have the ability to reproduce. Don't even consider doing it unprotected.

  • Think for a second, he doesn't want to use a condom but you're worried about getting pregnent, tell him use a condom or no sex.

  • Well your boyfriend is obviously a doctor and knows all about the hormones LH and FSH so there is no reason to not believe him.

  • ok even IF he is too young to produce sperm, that means both you guys are to young to have sex

    so DONT

  • In Ohio, an 11 year old boy was raped and the woman who carried his child sued him for child support.

    Usually around 12 or 13, the testicles are producing sperm, as they should.

  • 14 cca or younger, if he cannot produce sperm, he is too young to sex

  • just you asking this means your FAR to young! don't do it cause it will mess you up seriously! it may seem cool to lose your virginity at a young age but it messes you up bad so don't even do... I remember a well known doctor once said people aren't ready for sex til at least 16 but 18 is best so you should wait til then! ok now back to your question its pretty young like 9 or 10 so don't believe your boyfriend

  • How old are you even have proper sex education ?

    srsly kids these days, godamn

  • A girl has to hit a good position then stick dildo or finger in vajj and go up and down till your comfortable


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  • It DOES NOT MATTER. Use a condom anyway. Even if he isn't "producing sperm" as he says (which is complete bullsh*t, let me tell you), it's still safer and slightly less messy.

  • If you are as young as you claim to be, you two do not need to be having sex. Sex ties two people emotionally. It makes break ups harder to deal with and ultimately it does take a high mental maturity to deal with it. As much as your hormones are telling you to "Go out and have sex" its not always the right thing, and if you are even asking this question you are obviously not prepared on a technical level for sex either .

  • sperm is microscopic how would he know if he is or not ? sounds like bs

  • wow are you seriously buying that sh*t? girl you're dumb if you are! first of all if you're too young to have produce sperm why even have the urge to have it? I don't think a guy can not produce sperm and still have the urge to have sex,because once you start feeling that way is because there's hormones involve telling you you're ready to have sex and get a girl pregnant. Use something;a condom,patch or anything to not get prego.

  • No he is wrong and just trying to trick you. If you are going to be with him for sure use protection. That is how so many young girls end up with a baby and I'm sure that you don't want that. So make him wear it if he wants to do it.