Why did he want to 69 our first time together?

So I'm in my 30s and have plenty of sexual experience, but I recently met a guy who is younger than me (he's 24) and he's from Korea (so cultural difference) and we met on vacation and hung around for a few days and then hooked up. When we hooked up, we went from kissing to a little petting and... Show More

Edit: I guess I should revise my question a little. I want to know why a guy would want to go down on a girl the first time they hook up? It's a pretty intimate act.

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  • He likes 69 & to make the move he went on top?

    • Mhhhh why not?

      If sex is implied then where does one start? Just hit the bulls eye or have some foreplay.

      None has started with oral before?

      Seems to me like the right thing or right place to start.

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    • But you are right, I'm over analyzing! It was a fun experience and that's what matters :)

    • Thanks,

      You have a very good point. More face to face time!

      For my own info. do you find it strange if a guy works his way down the first time for oral?

      I try to be a giver so maybe that's why I didn't find it that strange.

      I will admit a great BJ is always welcome but sometimes we just need to get laid & not finishing with that aspect can be disappointing.

      You stated "it was fun" but would you rather have had more?