Submissive girl

I'm very submissive in sex, I love to be forced into things and told what to do, and I'm the only girl I know who loves a guy to do things like jizz... Show More

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  • First off, I think both guys and girls like it when our partners are turn on, initiating, and dominate because it makes us feel wanted and attractive to our partner. It is a reassurance that we still turn them on! If I'm the one always initiating and always in control, I might tend to feel like my partner wasn't really all that interested and just playing along.

    Partly for that reason and partly just to keep things fresh, I like to have it mixed up: some times she is in charge, other times it is me, and sometimes it is a mutual thing.

    With all the media and education around sexual abuse, I think it may be hard for some guys to accept and embrace the dominate role you seek. It make take some time to develop a level of trust where your guy will really know what you want and feel comfortable playing the part.

    I don't think most guys would have any problem fulfilling your optimal sex scenario outlined here, but it will take some developed trust, remember to mix it up now and then, and let him know YOU want it from HIM to get him interested.