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I'm very submissive in sex, I love to be forced into things and told what to do, and I'm the only girl I know who loves a guy to do things like jizz on her face, haha - but I'm starting to worry guys just don't want this!

There's this sterotype I guess that guys take control, but most guys I talk to seem to have a secret fantasy that the girl take control and tell him what to do and things - do guys on here feel the same?

I'm concerned that guys don't have as much fun with me as they'd like because I'm no good at taking charge!


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  • First off, I think both guys and girls like it when our partners are turn on, initiating, and dominate because it makes us feel wanted and attractive to our partner. It is a reassurance that we still turn them on! If I'm the one always initiating and always in control, I might tend to feel like my partner wasn't really all that interested and just playing along.

    Partly for that reason and partly just to keep things fresh, I like to have it mixed up: some times she is in charge, other times it is me, and sometimes it is a mutual thing.

    With all the media and education around sexual abuse, I think it may be hard for some guys to accept and embrace the dominate role you seek. It make take some time to develop a level of trust where your guy will really know what you want and feel comfortable playing the part.

    I don't think most guys would have any problem fulfilling your optimal sex scenario outlined here, but it will take some developed trust, remember to mix it up now and then, and let him know YOU want it from HIM to get him interested.

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  • Just say what you want. Some will agree instantly, and most of the rest will want to try, because they think it's cool or you're cool.

  • I'm a dominate guy in sex. No question. I had one girl that wanted to take control and I just wasn't into it. So I stick to submissive girls.

  • I like to take control and tell her what to do , where to go and what position she should be in . You are a normal girl so don't panic.


  • Dominating and showing initiative are two completely different things.

    • Agreed. Everyone keeps mixing those up. I'll initiate sex, but then my boyfriend will want to dominate me. Or he'll initiate, and I'll get really into it and start dominating him. Two very different terms lol.

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  • Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to...or just make them do things your way. A guy will do anything for sex.

  • I hope u don't get a controlling bf
    That would be scary

  • I think guys are looking for somebody who will give them feedback during the act, so they know what really gets the girl ticking. They don't want to be doing something and wondering the whole time if the girl likes it or if she's just doing it because she feels obligated. Making you happy makes him happy. So naturally guys want a girl who's going to guide them in what they're doing and encourage them; adversely somebody who's going to say stop if they don't like it. If you really don't like something then don't settle for doing it. He shouldn't mind opting for other choices. There are other ways to make everyone happy, granted that there may be times you choose to do something you don't necessarily enjoy just for him. All girls are different with regard to sex, so really guys are taking a shot in the dark when it comes to pleasing different women.