Why does he fall asleep?

OK why does my boyfriend always fall asleep after he gets off / cums? I mean I know I'm not the most attractive thing now but come on! how are we ever gonna make it through sex if he falls asleep after a hand job. does come take all the energy outta a guys body or something?


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  • Just gonna tell you a couple of things that happen to me. Personal experience:

    1-) While ejaculating, doesn't matter how fast or deeply I breathe, I feel like I'm out of breath.

    2-) After ejaculation, if I try to move fast (or run), I feel really dizzy. Even if I stand (not sit) where I am, a little bit of diziness comes into the play.

    3-) After I ejaculate, the last thing I want to think about is sex. It just doesn't feel good to think about it anymore.

    4-) Around 1-2 minutes after ejaculation, I turn to normal (like right before the erection), both physically and mentally. I just go straight back to my homework and start doing it (and I can concentrate to it really well.)

    5-) If its later than 01:00 AM and I have just ejaculated, lying in the bed, well, I hardly find the energy to go wash my hands. I just have to sleep after that. It is like the "resting time" after doing some sports.

    6-) One of the last things I want to do after ejaculation is to get out of my room, because I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to enjoy the moment of peace and quiet.

    These are probably true for most of the guys, meaning that these may be the reasons that he sleeps after sex.

    • He doesn't do it til night time, and its always after 11 a.m. or later sometimes like 12:30am and he usually just passes out, umm I guess that could b it but he doesn't do nething that day but class and sometimes work

    • When I said "it is like the resting time after doing some sports", I created a metaphor:

      Sport --> Masturbation

      Resting --> Seconds after the ejaculation

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  • It's like your soul is shot out of your body when guys cum. That's the closest thing I can relate it to. We feel incredibely lethargic and our first instinct is to close our eyes, enjoy the moment and nod off. It really does take a lot of out you.

    But it's possible to fight off the Zzz's and get good for round 2. It sounds like this happens after you get him off but not during sex. Hand/blow job. In which case he is just enjoying the moment. I'm sure if you guys start full contact sex he won't just pass out and keep going.

  • He apparently has VERY low stamina, I can go for hours with multipule orgasms but then who knows, maybe I'm just some freak...

    BTW, whoever told you you're not attractive needs to have their head examined.

  • Letting loose your man juice releases hormones or something that make you sleepy. Don't jerk him off if you want to have sex.

  • When a guy releases, he falls asleep. I don't know the science of it, but it happens. ALL males are like this.

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    • Haha true!


    • Not at all, I never fell asleep after releasing

  • coming takes a lot of energy, I don't know why

    u just feel like sh** after it...

    falling a sleep might be an over reaction, but it can be understandable, and it has nothing to do with you being attractive.

  • I really don't think you have a grasp on reality. You said "I mean I know I'm not the most attractive thing". Are you kidding? That's the least of your worries and certainly not the reason he falls asleep. It's just how a lot of guys are.

  • It's physiological, 100% beyond his control. Your best bet of keeping him from falling asleep is to do it around the 'noon' of his day. Whenever he'd be most awake.

    Also, the testosterone in men keeps them from being as emotionally receptive/formative (not that we aren't at all) after sex as a woman is. Don't be upset if he passes out and doesn't want to talk about your future together. you're honestly better off saving it for when he wakes up. No joke.

    It'd give you a better explanation of it, but it's freakin' early morning and I don't remember the entire little lecture that was given.

    TL;DR It's perfectly natural, let him sleep, in fact, pass out with him.

    Depending on the time/my starting tiredness I'll either pass out or be extremely tired.

    Here this may help: link

    Also, you're perfectly attractive, cut the poor self-esteem crap.

  • He might be tired...

    if he's not tired then I have no idea lol, guys usually relax after they cum, and then get all excited about 5 - 10 mins later

    • He falls asleep not even five mins later like seriously and I have to shake him to wake him up e can't possibly b super tired its on days wen he did work and didn't work it varies

    • Go to a doctor ? I don't know lol, might be some low vitamin level or something.....

    • And whoever told you you're not attractive is stupid.....I'd be all over you if you were single and in my area lol

  • It sounds like more of an intimacy problem. Some guys have a hard time showing feelings or feel that if they hug or cuddle after sex of any kind then they are whipped and somehow not a man or maybe he thinks if he does not show emotion towards you he cannot get hurt in a relationship which is wrong. Maybe he will grow out of it once he appreciates you and matures. Unless the guy is in his 70s or something he should not be out after a HJ. Have you discussed it with him? Letting him know how you feel about it and seeing his immediate and long term reaction will tell you all you need to know. You could give him a taste of his own medicine and fall asleep while giving him a HJ. I bet he would get the message.

    • ^ You mean they could try to sleep so they do not have to think about being intimate?

      I am asking cause the only time my boyfriend is comfortable enough to hug me is if he is falling asleep or sleeping... I think he gets 'tired' when he feels like being close without making out. ^ ^

    • That is an intimacy problem then. If he cannot show affection towards you in settings other than falling asleep or sleeping. Of course some guys may not even be aware of this or may not know how to really be intimate. I think that comes from upbringing if his parents were not inimate and or nobody in his life to role model him then he may not know what it means. Have you initiated intimate actions in or out of the bedroom? Do you ever grab his hand and hold it when you 2 are walking?

  • Okay not every guy needs a break for too long... Stop giving him bjs and hjs and just jump right in, or have him go down on you first that way your at least get something before he passes out, maybe even 69. If that profile pic is you, your attractive so stop this poor self image thing you're beautiful and you know it... I'm not saying any more on the subject. I mean a good orgasm can wear either person out though. I mean giving a girl a good orgasm she's paralyzed for a good 5 minutes, so both genders need a break honestly, it can just very from person to person. Honestly best bet is to just try something different...

  • I would do you so hard, you are gorgeous. He is dumb.

  • I don't know.. I get it too. But after a guy comes.. He needs some rest.. Cumming makes a guy sleepy lol. Well, it's not always that bad but sometimes cumming make me more sleepy than other times. You should let him eat you out and stuff before you get him to cum.. That way you get some before he falls asleep lol.

    • Its jus wack he falls asleep not even five mins later, and I shake him its like huh? I'm like wtf is ur problem

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  • My boyfriend does the same thing. Try jumping in his arms right after he cums so you can get some kinda cuddlin after sex lol. I do that. But yeah, my boyfriend and I don't have sex as much as I would like because of him feeling like crap afterwards :( And of course I think it's me. It sucks, but from what I'm learning... guys get drained after cumming...