Why does he fall asleep?

OK why does my boyfriend always fall asleep after he gets off / cums? I mean I know I'm not the most attractive thing now but come on! how are we ever gonna make it through sex if he falls asleep after a hand job. does come take all the energy outta a guys body or something?


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  • Just gonna tell you a couple of things that happen to me. Personal experience:

    1-) While ejaculating, doesn't matter how fast or deeply I breathe, I feel like I'm out of breath.

    2-) After ejaculation, if I try to move fast (or run), I feel really dizzy. Even if I stand (not sit) where I am, a little bit of diziness comes into the play.

    3-) After I ejaculate, the last thing I want to think about is sex. It just doesn't feel good to think about it anymore.

    4-) Around 1-2 minutes after ejaculation, I turn to normal (like right before the erection), both physically and mentally. I just go straight back to my homework and start doing it (and I can concentrate to it really well.)

    5-) If its later than 01:00 AM and I have just ejaculated, lying in the bed, well, I hardly find the energy to go wash my hands. I just have to sleep after that. It is like the "resting time" after doing some sports.

    6-) One of the last things I want to do after ejaculation is to get out of my room, because I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to enjoy the moment of peace and quiet.

    These are probably true for most of the guys, meaning that these may be the reasons that he sleeps after sex.

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      He doesn't do it til night time, and its always after 11 a.m. or later sometimes like 12:30am and he usually just passes out, umm I guess that could b it but he doesn't do nething that day but class and sometimes work

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      When I said "it is like the resting time after doing some sports", I created a metaphor:

      Sport --> Masturbation

      Resting --> Seconds after the ejaculation